Drugs racket bust uncovers cannabis with value of £100k

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    DETECTIVES have uncovered £100,000 worth of cannabis from raids on two drug dens in Burton this week.

    A police crackdown on the drug’s production in the area has led to the discovery of two cannabis factories, believed to have been operated by the same crime racket.

    A raid on a factory in Sydney Street on Monday led to the uncovering of a second in nearby Albert Street.

    Detectives entered the second property on Wednesday at approximately 4.10pm, but were forced to halt their investigation due to the appearance of a booby trap system, which was wired around the house.

    Sergeant Richard Crinson said: “It was an unusual set-up, there were wires everywhere.

    “It looked like they were either trying to booby trap the house or starting to do it.” Officers had to wait until the electricity had been cut off to the property before they entered, to avoid any danger of getting electrocuted by the wiring.

    Once inside, they found 311 mature cannabis plants which, added to the 277 plants removed from the Sydney Street property earlier in the week, totalled an whopping 588 high-grade skunk plants, with a street value stretching into six figures.

    The drug ring penetrated by the raids is believed to use illegal Vietnamese immigrants to cultivate the plants, with those involved referred to by police as ‘gardeners’.

    Sgt Crinson said: “The Vietnamese are used because they’re very good at gardening.” He explained that nine times out of 10 the drug rackets are headed by British criminals, with no profit going to the immigrants cultivating the plants.

    He said it was a vicious circle of immigrants being smuggled into the country, then deported, then being brought in again.

    A 40-year-old man who was arrested on Wednesday evening at the Albert Street property is currently helping police with their enquiries.

    Burton News & Staffordshire Newspaper
    Christina Massey


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