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Drugs recovered in Leeds nightclub raid

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Drugs recovered in Leeds nightclub raid

    Police seized more than £5,000 worth of suspected class A and B drugs during a raid on a Leeds nightclub.

    Officers swooped on the Kerbcrawler club on Water Lane in the early hours of Sunday.

    They found drugs scattered on the floors of rooms throughout the premises.

    The haul included more than 80 suspected Ecstasy tablets and nearly 40 quantities of suspected cocaine and crack cocaine as well as four bags of cannabis.

    A cannabis 'grinder' tool was also recovered along with £1,500 in cash.

    No arrests were made during the raid, which was carried out by Leeds's city neighbourhood policing team.

    West Yorkshire Police's Chief Inspector Vernon Francis said: "The main purpose of the (operation] was to disrupt drugs activity in this club.

    "Judging by the valuable quantities thrown on the floor, I believe we
    achieved this."

    The police's Leeds district licensing department is due to file a
    report to the West Yorkshire fire service on safety concerns raised by the raid.

    They include poor lighting in some parts of the club and fire sprinklers being covered with plastic sheeting.

    Last Updated: 30 November 2009 2:23 PM
    Source: n/a
    Location: Leeds



    COMMENT: Is this kind of thing common in the UK? seems more like a scare tactic then any useful police work.


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