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  1. Guttz
    It is very interesting of late how many politicians and police officers are mentioned in the media stating how the war on drug abuse is unwinnable and legalisation of all drugs should take place.

    Is this defeatism creeping in or the realisation of an inability to cope?

    Let us explore and/or extrapolate what would happen if Britain decided to legalise all drugs.

    Most reasonable sensible people can generally work out the long-term negative effects of this policy, so I shall attempt to stick to the main problems that could possibly arise.

    First of all, your current drug barons would find themselves incorporated into the current commercial systems.

    Large companies would compete to acquire and control supplies. So many of the current distributors would find themselves employed as warehouse operatives or shop assistants, if they were lucky.

    There would be early cheap supplies that would be purchased at outlets like Boots and supermarkets. Then due to increased addiction levels, prices would increase.

    The current NHS rehabilitation clinics would have to cease to exist due to overload. This projection is based on the current systems we have in place and the difficulties already experienced by these same systems.

    Almost overnight Britain would become the major world distribution hub, with warehouses at all our ports and airports. Other countries like China, America and in Europe would be forced to blacklist Britain and their drug enforcement agencies would begin to operate within our country clandestinely.

    So much so, that our police force, upholding our laws, would be forced to come into conflict with these foreign agencies.

    Our Navy, Air Force, Army would be engaged in protecting the supply lines on sea, air and land. Then by simple human process, we would find ourselves engaged in a new kind of drug war, similar to the Opium Wars, but far more deadly, against far stronger foes.

    This kind of result is just what enemies of our countries would like to see and dream of.

    So when entrepreneurial children take over our society, what will you be able to do?

    After all, most drug traffickers just do not value human life and rights and standards.

    Alternately, get the whole world to legalise drugs. Then this might solve the over-population problem!
    Rod Aldwinckle, Eyres Monsell.
    Monday, December 27, 2010, 09:30



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