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Drugs work better 'if we think they cost more'

By 0utrider, Mar 5, 2008 | | |
  1. 0utrider


  1. lulz
    The placebo effect is fascinating.


    I came across that piece of research on a pretty damn interesting New Scientist article called 13 things that do not make sense:

  2. Euphoric
    I remember hearing on the radio about people who were given wine samples. There were 2 to try, which were in fact the same, but the testers were told that one was different and more expensive than the other. If I recall correctly, at least 90% said they liked the more expensive one better.
  3. Senor Gribson
    I've been saying it for years. Conisseurism was a scam invented by the wine industry. It's all the same crap, but no one is willing to admit it. The emperor has no fruity full-bodied aroma with hints of oak and cinnamon.
  4. cra$h
    I know someone who thinks that advil works much better than the generic brand, same chemicals and all, so this sugestion does have credibility
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