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Drugs worker confirms return of stronger ecstasy tablets

  1. Balzafire
    A new, stronger form of party drug ecstasy is back on the scene, a Dundee drug worker has confirmed.

    Gareth Balmer, project manager of drug support agency Addaction, was speaking following reports that £10 pills are on the market.

    The pills are much stronger than the ecstasy which used to sell in the city for £2 or £3.

    Mr Balmer said he had heard more talk from people with Edinburgh contacts that ecstasy is back and "around Dundee there is anecdotal evidence it's here too."

    Tayside's market for the drug had all but disappeared in recent years, due largely to the growing demand for so-called legal highs.

    While £171,697 of the class A substance was seized in the region by Tayside Police in 2007, the figure had dwindled to just £1337 in 2009.

    In 2007, 78 people appeared in Tayside's courts accused of supplying ecstasy or being in possession of ecstasy with intent to supply. That figure that dropped to just six in 2009.

    Mr Balmer warned anyone who experiments with ecstasy needs to take special care.

    He said, "Don't mix it with other drugs including alcohol, drink plenty of fluids and be careful because you don't know what you are taking. Look out for your friends and take care of each other."

    The Courier (UK)
    November 23, 2010


  1. Terrapinzflyer
    I saw this yesterday and couldn't make sense of it. It is either MDMA or it is not. Presumably what they are saying is the MDMA is returning after years of heavily adulterated pills and pills that contained no MDMA whatsoever.

    Pathetic that a drug worker would get this so wrong. :s :mad:
  2. Alchemical
    For the past few years "Ecstasy" pills have been mostly piperizines. This changed a few months ago and there are now very high quality MDMA pills on the market and the price has indeed doubled. The UK and Irish Ecstasy scenes are intertwined and this article seems to reflect that.
  3. Mercc96
    in swims social circles if one were to take 'ecstasy" it would mean taking any old pill bought from a dealer sold as E normally phet or pipes but now mostly meph and methylone. Saying MD or MDMA would mean taking the actual drug itself
  4. Alchemical
    A reagent kit would solve that problem. The new pills circulating at the moment, for an inflated price, are high grade MDMA pills.
  5. DJ Revisionist
    My friends social circle has a similar view in that they refer to ecstasy as pressed pills and MDMA as pure MDMA. It's good to hear that pills are getting back to a higher standard these days. People have gotten sick of shitty pills and the market is actually responding to their demands.
  6. Aberdonian
    my sheep confirms there are excellent e's back for sale up here-some of his flock 10yrs ago would be flying off 1 pill but over the years they got really shit and they would end up taking 10 to 15 a a night (they were a 10th of the price though) now there are pills which these guys only need 1 maybe 2 on a night out :)
  7. cannabis-sam
    MDMA is back big time in the UK, loads of luscoius crystals SWIM has some completely transperent MD properly beatiful looking :)

    Loads of good pills about but they're a rip off when you can get nice crystal, the LOVE IS BACK in England:vibes:
  8. rl1988
    I don't see why they are WARNING people about this. Surely this is a good thing because at least people will know what they're taking instead of some random mixture of (potentially dangerous) shite. Obviously you could argue that people should be using testing kits...but we all know that a hell of a lot of people are never going to bother.
  9. Mercc96
    I think its a good idea to warn people of stronger drugs coming into the country, especially in the uk where people are so used to extremely cut products that multigrams are used to achieve a high that only 100mg of pure/strong product would need.
  10. Nnizzle
    No one else notice this??? :laugh: Sorry though I have nothing new to add:(.
  11. TheUnicorn
    That was the main thing that stood out for me also. Glad to see im not the only one who's a little sad. :vibes:
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