Drugs worth £2 million seized

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  1. Kinetic
    Nine arrested after drugs swoop

    [imgr=grey]http://www.psni.police.uk/cannabis_burn_4-2.jpg[/imgr]Drugs worth more than £1 million have been seized and nine people arrested in a major police operation in Northern Ireland and England.

    Six kilos of cocaine, 22 kilos of speed and 20 kilos of herbal cannabis were recovered during a search of a lorry in Kilkeel, Co Down.

    In follow-up searches in greater Belfast, six kilos of speed were seized with £100,000 cash in sterling and euro notes.

    As part of the same Police Service of Northern Ireland-led operation, Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Police searched a house in Preston, where 20 kilos of speed were recovered.

    A total of eight searches were carried out in Northern Ireland and five in England.

    Five men were arrested in Northern Ireland while three men and one woman were arrested in England.

    The three men taken into custody in England are being brought to Northern Ireland for questioning.

    The PSNI officer in charge of the operation, Detective Superintendent Essie Adair, said: "This has been a successful overt stage of a long-term proactive investigation involving the PSNI and partner agencies against an organised crime gang which we believe was importing drugs into Northern Ireland."

    Sunday February 14 2010
    Press Association,
    Guardian UK online

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  1. Kinetic
    Nine held in North and England after £2m drugs seized

    DRUGS VALUED conservatively at more than £2 million (€2.3 million) have been seized and nine suspects arrested in a joint police operation across three Northern counties and in northern England.

    The PSNI, working alongside detectives from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, the Greater Manchester Police and the Lancashire Constabulary, found cocaine, amphetamines (speed) and herbal cannabis along with £100,000 (€115,000) in sterling and euro notes.

    Paramilitary involvement is not suspected.

    Searches were carried out on Saturday in Down, Armagh and Antrim. The seizures were made in Kilkeel, Co Down, and in the greater Belfast area and another consignment was found in Preston, Lancashire, following a year-long investigation.

    Five people have been arrested in Northern Ireland and four in England. Eight of them are being questioned at the PSNI’s serious crime suite in Antrim.

    The five suspects arrested in Northern Ireland and three of those detained in England are all men and are being questioned in Antrim. The final suspect is a woman and she is being held in England.

    One of the male suspects is Dutch, the woman is English and the rest are believed to come from Northern Ireland.

    Det Supt Esmond Adair said the discoveries were the “most significant” the PSNI has made.

    “The high quality and purity of these drugs are very significant,” he said. “These drugs would have been cut up and we would have had significant quantities going to street level.”

    Three searches were carried out in Kilkeel, the focus of the PSNI’s investigation, where nearly 50kg of drugs, believed to have originated in the Netherlands, was found on board a lorry. Other searches were carried out in Belfast and Lisburn in Co Antrim; Hillsborough, Co Down; and in Lurgan, Co Armagh.

    Other drugs discoveries were made in both Preston and Manchester in England.

    Mr Adair said: “We are delighted with the amount of drugs which we have seized and the number of arrests which have been made. We believe we have dismantled an organised crime gang which was importing drugs into Northern Ireland.

    “We have been watching locations, vehicles and individuals. Within the past week, we started to get a clearer picture of the gang’s activities and decided to move to an overt stage of the operation on Saturday, which culminated in these significant seizures and arrests.”

    The PSNI yesterday displayed the haul of drugs recovered in Kilkeel which included some 6kg cocaine, 22kg of speed and 20kg of herbal cannabis.

    In follow-up searches in the greater Belfast area a further 6kg of speed was seized along with the cash.

    In England the same PSNI-led operation led to the search of a house in Preston where what is believed to be 1kg of cocaine, 22kg of speed and 20kg of herbal cannabis were seized.

    The PSNI, clearly pleased at the success of the operation, is anticipating that moves to seize criminal assets could be made.

    Mr Adair said: “This is one of the most significant seizures in recent times. We believe the drugs were brought into the UK from Holland before being taken to Northern Ireland. We believe they have a high purity value which would enable them to be ‘cut’ several times before reaching the streets. Their ultimate value may be much higher than our current £2 million estimate.

    “We have worked with our partners in SOCA, Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Constabulary to bring this to a successful outcome. We believe an organised crime gang was importing drugs into Northern Ireland. We have taken drugs and cash out of circulation and as a consequence have removed serious harm from our streets.”

    Four million cigarettes seized

    CUSTOMS OFFICERS have seized 4.2 million cigarettes in the largest haul of counterfeit tobacco ever landed in the Port of Cork. It is estimated the haul would have cost Revenue over €1 million in lost taxes.

    The cigarettes, which were in John Player Blue boxes, were found among a cargo of swimwear manufactured in China which arrived at Tivoli docks in a container last Friday evening. The counterfeit cigarettes were uncovered in a routine operation by customs officers at the docks.

    It is understood the cigarettes would have been sold on the black market in this country for in the region of €5 a packet even though they would have cost just cents to produce.

    This is the second major seizure of counterfeit cigarettes in Cork in recent weeks. On January 28th gardaí seized 755,000 counterfeit cigarettes and more than 500kg of tobacco, worth an estimated €500,000.

    The intelligence-led operation, involving gardaí and Customs officers, involved a private residence at Carrignavar, Co Cork, and searches of a garage and a van by revenue officers. Follow-up searches of premises on the north side of Cork city and in east Cork led to further seizures.

    Mon 15 Feb 2010
    DAN KEENAN Northern News Editor
    Irish Times Online

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    Here are some pictures of the seized drugs and cash which were put on display earlier by the PSNI at a Belfast police station:



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