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Drunk and don't know how I feel

By Tryptomaniac · Nov 21, 2015 ·
  1. Tryptomaniac
    Right now it's snowing pretty heavily and I'm building an igloo by myself.... It's extremely large and I probably won't beable to finish it in the next two days I hope I can though as I want a place to smoke this winter so I'm building it up big, I've also been shoveling, I'm pretty drunk right now and I'm continuing to drink, I have a little bit of sadness though /: idk what it is my best friend is going through a lot of shot right now and I feel lonely idk fuck haha by at the same time I'm happy idk what's wrong with me! I'm gonna finish this drink and work on the igloo a little more and then come in and have another drink and then work on it again and have another drink and then shovel again and then have another drink and then probably go to bed lol I work tommorrow at 12 I hope it will be a good day tommorrow! Mehhhh mehhhh mehhhhh I want somebody to talk to ); in sad and happy and excited and depressed and every single emotion at the same time and I feel like I'm losing my mind!!!


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