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Drunk Arizona Frat Member (With A 0.47 BAC) Left at Hospital ... With Post-It Note

  1. Rob Cypher

    Frat fail: An Arizona State University who put back an estimated 20 shots of tequila ended up passed out in the emergency room, but his fraternity brothers were nice enough to stick a Post-It note on him asking for help before leaving. The 19-year-old is fine now, but he might face charges of underage drinking. The student had passed out and started turning blue before his frat brothers dropped him at the hospital, police said. They initially tried taking him to one of their homes because they were afraid of getting into trouble. The student had a BAC of 0.47%—nearly six times the legal driving limit.

    His frat, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, drew headlines last year when another of its members drowned in a river after being kicked out of a Tempe bar during a fraternity party. And Bloomberg previously reported that SAE had been associated with eight deaths in as many years, in a piece that spelled out how national fraternities shield themselves from liability when things go wrong at local chapters. Police don't expect to charge any of the student's fraternity brothers in this case.

    Associated Press
    May 15, 2013



  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    Re: Drunk Arizona Frat Member (With A 0.47 BAC) Left at Hospital ... With Post-It Not

    sux. 20 shots of tequila = 0.47%? 20 shots is about 750ml bottle. To get 0.47% he must have chugged these all on empty stomach in like 20min or so.... of tequila? Normally most people throw up after 10 shots or less of tequila in 30min
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