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  1. ~lostgurl~
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    2 mins
    5 August 2008
    ITV - TV3 News - NZ

    British holidaymakers are renowned for flocking to sunnier areas of Europe in search of sun, sex and hedonism. In the Greek islands the results of the partying English include fighting, rape, hospitalisation and sometimes even death.

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  1. Alfa
    My comments and rating on this entry...


    Well, guess where the UK sends it's marines to blow off steam after being stationed in Iraq?

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  2. Sippin40oz
    I bet europeon countries must hate us british holiday makers! :beer Its strange how so much of our population are drunken yobs...
  3. Scrubbs
    Those crazy Britts :) This kind of reminds me of Cancun, Mexico. Cheap alcohol and crazy young people everywhere. I think except the Mexican authorities don't give a shit :) I have to tell you guys, in Mexico every single Taxi driver was trying to sell weed or coca. And at the mall as well, all we heard was "I got everything you need right here." I am sure it is not too much different in the Greek Islands.
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