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  1. Rob Cypher
    A drunk driver who killed two best friends when he ploughed into them four years ago is set to be freed after serving just one month in prison.

    Scott Nicholls, then 20, was speeding and was over the alcohol limit with traces of heroin and ecstasy in his system when he caused the late-night horror crash.

    Nicholls smashed into Emma Harold, 26, her younger sister Beccy Rutter, 25, and their friend Kate Wasyluk, 25.

    The three young women were mown down just yards from the entrance of St Clement's Hospital in Ipswich, Suffolk, in the early hours of February 21, 2009.

    Miss Harold and Miss Wasyluk were tragically killed while Miss Rutter suffered horrific injuries.

    Nicholls, of Ipswich, was detained under the mental health act at his trial at Ipswich Crown Court in September 2009.

    His 12-year sentence was slashed by a third to eight years, taking into account his guilty plea to a charge of causing death by dangerous driving.

    The killer driver has spent the last four years in a mental health hospital and was released into prison in January.

    As well as having to cope with the fourth anniversary of losing Miss Harold and Miss Wasyluk today, their devastated families have been told Nicholls will be released by the end of this month.

    They are now waiting for the call from the probation service to confirm when he will walk out of the prison gates into a new life of freedom.

    Today, furious Remy Wasyluk, 31, the brother of Miss Wasyluk, has called for a change in the law. He is demanding that criminals deemed unfit to serve in prison should be treated in hospital and then sent to jail to start their sentence.

    Echoing Mr Wasyluk's anger, survivor of the horrific crash Miss Rutter, of Ipswich, said she was very 'cross' that Nicholls has 'got off lightly with a lesser sentence'.

    Mr Wasyluk, of central London, said: 'We have been told he (Nicholls) will be released at the end of February, we don't know the exact date.

    'I hope they (the justice system) wouldn't be so ridiculously insensitive as to release him on the same day as the anniversary.'

    He added: 'It is very distressing for all the families, hearing this news as we all have to cope with the fourth anniversary. What makes it worse is he has only served just over one month in prison.'

    Miss Rutter, now 29, said: 'As a family we do try not to think too much about him (Nicholls), but knowing he has only served one month in prison, for taking two lives, makes me so cross.

    'It feels like he has got off with a lesser sentence.

    'Whether he was sentenced to eight or 20 years, he would be out one day with the opportunity of a second chance ' a second chance Emma and Kate will never have.'
    Mr Wasyluk added: 'The law needs to be changed. If someone is detained in hospital, deemed too ill to go to prison, they should be treated and brought to a position where they are aware of what has happened, and what they have done.

    'Then and only then should they be sent to prison to serve their sentence. In this case, he would have served a total of eight years, which is what he was ultimately sentenced to.

    'It seems only yesterday this all happened and now we are four years on and he has served just one month in prison.

    'Four years in prison, we could have accepted whatever we felt about the length of sentence, but one month seems unjust.'

    He hit out as tragic Miss Wasyluk's mother, Dot Richardson, 58, told Nicholls to make the most of his new-found liberty.

    Mrs Richardson, of Ipswich, said: 'This year has been the worst. I tend to bury my head in the sand and don't really think about him (Nicholls), I'm not really interested in what happens to him whatsoever.'

    But she stressed: 'Having said that, it is a small town and you do hear things. It is extremely hard, it shouldn't be any different to any other year, but it is. The biggest insult for me would be if he came out and reoffended.

    'This is his second chance ' I want him to take it. He is lucky to have it and must make the most of it. My friends tell me I have forgiven him and, although I can't say the words out loud, I think in my heart I have.'

    Honouring the memory of her older sister and friend, Miss Rutter said she could think of no more fitting tribute than to give her new baby girl their names.

    Azariah Emma Kate Rutter was born on January 28. Miss Rutter said she and her husband Liam were desperate to keep their memories alive.

    The devastated mother-of-three said: 'Emma was my sister and Kate one of my best friends, I loved them both like sisters. I wanted to do something to keep their memories alive and keep them with me at all times. Azariah will never get to meet her auntie or my friend and so I hope with her having their names she will feel a connection with them both.'

    She added: 'It was hard, I was worried about having her so close to the anniversary. She is doing really well, settling in at home. She is just gorgeous.'

    Miss Wasyluk's mother Dot said that when she heard Miss Rutter had poignantly honoured her daughter she was moved to tears.

    'It blew me away. I knew she had given birth to another daughter and was keeping the name under wraps,' she said.

    'I was expecting her to name Azariah after Emma but for her to honour Kate as well was amazing. Kate would've just loved it - it is a lovely way to remember them both.'"

    FEB 21, 2013



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