Drunk driver dodges police breath test by beating himself up

By Rob Cypher · May 19, 2014 · Updated May 20, 2014 · ·
  1. Rob Cypher
    A suspected drink driver dodged a police breath test... by beating himself up.

    Steven Andrews, 26, punched himself in the face and head-butted walls and doors at a police station after he was arrested.

    Magistrates in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, heard that as a result it was impossible for officers to take a breath sample.

    He had been pulled over suspected drink-driving and he staggered out of his car in front of officers.

    The court heard that Andrews had been drinking because he was upset that his ex-girlfriend had sent him pictures of herself with another man.

    Andrews, from Sutton-in-Ashfield, admitted refusing to give a breath sample.

    He was banned from driving for three years and handed a supervision order.

    Richard Hartley-Parkinson
    The Mirror
    May 18, 2014



  1. tidruid
    That would suck being sent pictures like that.
  2. mememememe
    Really he still got what he would have got if not worse

    As in the UK giving not giving a breath sample is just as bad ,and the 3 year ban mostly comes in to play if you have been done for drink driving in the past 10 years before that ..So sounds like he had already been done with drink driving in the 10 years before that and the judge will have seen it in the same light and gave him the auto 3 year ban.

    When i was done for drink driving (something im ashamed of ) I asked my lawyer what would have been the case if i refused the breath test she explained that it would have worked out the same but just put to the judge in different terms ..As if you refuse a breath test your breaking the law anyway..Not sure how it works in the US..But smashing your head of walls etc is just silly lol
  3. soso
    hes a twat for drink driving and hes a twat for beating himself up but I feel sorry for him for having an ex that's such an evil bitch, I dread to think what id do if my mrs sent me pics of her with another man.

    kicking off to avoid a breath test is common but if you drive under the influence of drink/drugs then you deserve what you get.
  4. Xplicit
    Fuck that bitch lol, I'd be pissed if a girl did that to me too. But still guys a dick for driving under the influence. Should've gotten busted
  5. mememememe
    Yea agree the pics would be a kick in the balls to say the least ,and for the drink driving if you are silly enough to drive your car under the influence then you deserve all you get ..I did it i had some issues that led to me having the blow out ,but i put my hands up and said in no way was the drink to blame i drove the car knowing full well i was over and shouldn't have done so ..And everyone deserves what they get while drink driving
  6. SpykeJones
    SOunds like he wasnt really trying to "beat the test." More like it sounds as if he was super pissed at the gf sending him pics of her and the new beau. What a bummer.
  7. scartissue_68
    Why beat up yourself, when a payback is much better and less physically painful. Simply repost the pics (we assume are pornographic) to the ex-gf's parents, workplace, church office or...well, just use your imagination.

    Before judging me vindictive for thinking of this type of "solution", consider the ex and her compliant partner making such shots. In truth, the guy in the photos may not have known her intentions...so re-post to him, also. Pretty much a guaranteed to start an interesting conversation....at best.

    Oh, and for our self-destructive, drunk....Move to another planet, because she sounds like the kind of person who would choose a gun over an attorney.

    Important safety tip: Don't play with homemade porn, unless you have total control of the recordings. Never send it through cyber-space....period.
  8. OTCJ
    I want to see the "Rodney king-Style" video of this guy beating the shit out of himself while the officers stand around nervously wondering whether they should jump in and stop the beating.
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