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Drunk Florida Man With PTSD Thinks He's Rambo, Fires Uzi In Bar & Stabs Patrons

  1. Rob Cypher
    A guy dressed up like '"Rambo" was arrested Saturday night at a Florida bar ... after he allegedly began firing his Uzi and stabbing 2 patrons.

    Daniel Allen Noble was drinking at the Europa Lounge in Flagler County ... he left but hours later reportedly returned as Rambo.

    Cops say Noble was armed with an Uzi-style assault rifle and hunting knives.

    Two bar patrons confronted the Rambo-wannabe ... trying to wrestle the gun away. He allegedly fired a few rounds... but was eventually disarmed. Cops say that's when Noble grabbed one of his knives and started swinging -- cutting his own face in the process -- which you can see in the mugshot.

    Noble was eventually rendered unconscious. The 2 men who tried subduing him were injured and one was hospitalized with a stab wound in his left eye and slashes to his hands.

    Noble is being held without bond for attempted murder ... and faces a bunch of additional charges.

    (note from rob: his sister and brother-in-law are on the article's message board and claim he has severe PTSD due to his days as a Green Beret and was recently erratic about taking his psych meds, so take that for what it's worth.)

    March 16, 2014



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