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Drunk High School Umpire Fights EMTs, Tasered Twice During Arrest [Minnesota]

  1. Rob Cypher
    This time, the umpire was, in fact, drunk.

    Daryl Jacobson, 49, an umpire for a Stark County High School baseball game, was arrested and charged last week with two counts of aggravated battery and two counts of resisting arrest, according to WQAD. Jacobson was serving as the infield umpire last Friday, when, according to witnesses, he passed out on the field.

    Jacobson was said to be visibly under the influence when he finally fell. Moreover, Jacobson attacked the two first responders who tried to give him medical attention. He was also reportedly tasered twice during the course of his arrest.

    “At no time was the safety of the players or coaches in jeopardy,” school superintendent Jerry Klooster said. Jacobson is in custody at the Stark County jail.

    Zach Stoloff
    May 14, 2013



  1. Blanca
    At no time the safety of the players or coaches was in jeopardy? Says the guy sitting in the air conditoned office. It blow my mind that the superintendent could make that statement. The umpire was very agitated.
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