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Drunk Michigan Man Fatally Shoots Himself While Teaching Gun Safety To Girlfriend

  1. Rob Cypher
    A Michigan man fatally shot himself in the head while he was teaching his girlfriend gun safety, according to The Detroit Free Press.

    The man shot himself Sunday in his home in Independence Township, according to The Oakland County sheriff's office. He was pronounced dead at the scene according to the Detroit newspaper.

    Police said that the man, whose name was not released, had been trying to show his girlfriend gun safety with three pistols. He put the first two guns to his head and pulled the trigger. When the man pulled the trigger on the third pistol the gun went off.

    The man's girlfriend said he had been drinking throughout the day while he was showing her the guns.

    Daniel Strauss
    Talking Points Memo
    February 24, 2014



  1. Poppi
    Ladies and gentlemen, we have another entry into the Darwin Awards!

    Seriously, who the hell shows off their gun collection and attempts to demonstrate the safety of such weapons by pointing them to their f*&king head? Come on!

    One only hopes he didn't reproduce an offspring or more with the same flair for the dramatic...
    Guns and alcohol/drugs don't mix!

    Whenever my brother used to get drunk and went for his guns, I left.
  3. idfma
    I have been through formal and informal gun safety courses, and I guess I missed the lesson called, 'Holding the gun to your head and pulling the trigger to demonstrate gun safety'. I'm not familiar with that particular practice, but I bet it's a very effective lesson for the folks watching. Nothing will teach you gun safety quite like watching someone shoot themselves in the head, now that's going to stick with you--I bet his girlfriend learned something from all this.
  4. [éS]Infinite
    I truly do not understand gun nuts and how they can exert so much confidence and zeal towards a tool that serves a sole function of killing. I understand that Americans are scared stiff of their government, and rightfully so, but why is there such a reckless, machismo attitude towards these things that are designed to kill?
    I knew a guy in high school who shot himself in the knee while spinning a handgun on his finger while high on cocaine. He had to drive himself to the hospital and explain the whole mess. But how does one initially decide that playing with a gun in such a way is a good idea? These people are prime examples of lapses in judgement, which everyone undergoes at some point, but even level-headed individuals can feel a powerful draw to owning these tools when they know such lapses are possible.
    Maybe I'm soft, or maybe I just don't experience the same insecurities as these people.
  5. tidruid
    Maybe his girlfriend actually murdered him and came up with this convincing story to avoid capture.
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