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By Whit · Jan 21, 2008 · Updated Jan 21, 2008 · ·
  1. Whit
    If you notice that the title of the article is actually "Teenager who killed friend jailed" - No mention of the mornon actually being drunk.... how bizare!? Couldn't be a main part in the story could it!?

    In my younger idiotic days me and a friend once or twice got through three bottles of wine in around an hour, yet we merely just laughed alot, ran round the garden, had a great time minding out own business, and then slept!

    It's IDIOTS like this who ruin it :( Not that I care if they ban alcohol from something like this :)

    EDIT: This doesn't even get a mention on other news sites like the Gaurdian!!! Now if this was (although I doub it ever would be), guy on Ecstasy or guy having smoked weed Kills Best friend. It would have been the most hot topic on BBC News 24 for a week!!!

    A Tyneside teenager who stabbed his 15-year-old best friend to death has been jailed for life.
    Billy Dunwoodie, then 16, stabbed Shane Jackson, from Throckley, Newcastle, 55 times after drinking three bottles of wine in two hours in May last year.
    Dunwoodie, now 17, who had a previous conviction for assault causing actual bodily harm, admitted murder.
    Judge David Hodson at Newcastle Crown Court said Dunwoodie would have to serve at least 12 years in prison.
    The body of Shane, a basketball fan, was discovered at his home in Hallow Drive, Throckley, on 15 May.
    'Steeped in alcohol'
    He had suffered a sustained attack, which severed his spinal cord, pierced his shoulder blade and jaw, and chipped the bone of his skull.
    Dunwoodie, of Mayfield Avenue, Throckley, had three small cuts to his right hand, which he said Shane had inflicted by drunkenly lunging at him with a Stanley knife blade.

    Police found the victim lying in a pool of blood face down on his bed, partially covered by a duvet.
    The room was filled with empty cans and bottles.
    A kitchen knife with a four-inch-long serrated blade, and two Stanley knife blades, were found discarded on the floor.
    Jailing Dunwoodie, Judge Hodson said it was clear he had intended to kill his friend.
    The judge said: "This case graphically illustrates yet again the dreadful consequences that can happen when anyone, and young people in particular, have far too much to drink and when steeped in alcohol have ready access to knives."
    In a statement released through Northumbria Police, Shane's family said: "There is a big void in our lives that cannot be filled. Justice has been done today.
    "Shane was well loved and liked by so many people and will be sadly missed by all who knew him."


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  1. Nature Boy
    SWIM's had nights where he's had "far too much to drink" and has had access to knives (any kitchen will do) and nothing like that ever came into his mind. A typically ridiculous compensatory remark from the judge trying to make sense out of the actions of a psychopath. A horrible incident but blame very much has to lay on the individual here, not outside factors.
  2. Joe Duffy
    I think they should ban kitchen knives and other dangerous kitchen utensils to help aid in the reduction of household homicides.
  3. moda00
    So has SWIM.. this is not a typical response to drinking with your friends..While the alcohol may have "disinhibited" him, the fact is he has a record of this type of behavior and its not really that surprising that he would do it again no matter the circumstance. Agree that most individuals would not do this in any state of mind, and the individual's prior history does show his violent tendencies.. that said, it is an excellent point that while the alcohol may not have caused this fellow's violent or psychopathic actions or problems, it was involved in the specific situation. So if this case had involved marijuana and/or ecstasy or whatnot, we all know that those substances would not have caused his actions, but they would be mentioned in the title, a prominent piece of the story, carried on multiple station- the story is "sensational," just the kind of crazy horrible thing the media likes to present, but imagine how much moreso it would be if illegal and demonized drugs were involved?
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