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Drunk Virginia teen shot and killed after friends drop him at wrong house

  1. Rob Cypher
    A teenager who was shot and killed in Sterling, Virginia over the weekend may have accidentally entered the wrong home after a night of drinking.

    Law enforcement officials told The Washington Post that the drunk teen had been dropped off by friends at a house just two doors down from where he lived. Both houses were two story, red brick homes and on the same side of the street.

    The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office refused to release the names of anyone involved, and only described the shooting as an unknown intruder being killed by a homeowner.

    According to the Post, law enforcement sources believed that the teen may have entered the home through a rear window and was not armed.

    Real estate records indicated that the shooting occurred in the home of Donald West Wilder II. Neighbor Joanna Roman described him as “a great neighbor, a helper, someone who spends spare time volunteering to help others.”

    On Monday, the sheriff’s office confirmed to WUSA that the male teen had been a student at Park View High School student. A school official told WRC that grief counselors would be available to students on Monday.

    “This is freaking us out when we see a lot of cop cars and media are here,” the school official said.

    A 22-year-old Columbian immigrant was shot and killed earlier this year when he arrived to pick up a friend at the wrong home because of faulty GPS directions.

    By David Edwards
    Raw Story
    Monday, March 18, 2013 9:11 EDT



  1. The Cats Dream
    Pretty sick to think of the fact that a teenager living at home was "coming home from a night of drinking".
  2. Ubercheese
    you think thats the sick thing? come on. whats sick is a teenager got shot dead by a legally owned firearm.
  3. MikePatton
    This is fucking crazy... So he really felt intimidated by this little drunk teen and instead of neutralizing him in 1001 non lethal ways he decided to shoot to kill. This fucker should be rotting in jail if you ask me, shooting at someone who is unarmed is NOT self defense.
  4. Booty love
    I think every part of this story is sick. Sad really. you think when he couldnt get in the front door, he would have called someone to open the door, not try to climb in a back window. Also, it gives gun law activists, ammunition for their cause.
  5. Moving Pictures
    The story is on this site, I posted it, but I can't find it now. Anyway, it happend about a mile from where I live. This kid was fucked up on mushrooms and pot and booze and probably other shit and tried to break into this house because he thought it was his. The homeowner wrestled with him and eventually pulled out a gun and shot him and he died. The kid was like 16 or 17.

    His friends who sold him the drugs let him walk home and they ended up with pretty heavy sentences for trafficking in drugs.

    This is pretty much the same story. Did the home owners in both cases over react? Yes. Did they do anything illegal? No. You have a right to defend your home with deadly force against an intruder if you feel threatened. How someone would feel so threatened by a drunk/high teenager who was confused about where he lives is beyond me but it's still legal in the US.

    Once we start trying to nit-pick about how and when and under what conditions a homeowner has the right to use deadly force against an intruder, we will open up ourselves to all kinds of loopholes and the rights of legal gun owners and property owners will be violated.

    Though I think in both cases, the homeowner overreacted, there's really no telling what was going through their minds. Ultimatley the only person at fault were the kids for (even if unknowlingly) trying to break into someone's house.
  6. LucyGoosie
    If he was on shrooms, drunk, and high he probably had no idea what was going on. Could have thought the man who owned the house was an intruder in his guardians home. Clearly a misunderstanding. The man shouldn't have jumped the gun though...literally. sorry, that pun was in bad taste.
  7. usually0
    haha this is why im glad i dont live in the states. In canada this guy would have gone home safely, besides what idiot pulls a gun on a teenager? i mean what kind of trigger happy person does that? this guy should really be going to jail, but unfortunately you guys have free range to shoot anyone in your home. this stuff all gets avoided when you call the cops instead of open fire whenever you see fit. poor mexican dude too, didnt have to die
  8. MrMunchies

    I hope you are not an anti gun person or something, wouldn't think people on this website would be THAT close minded.

    The kid entered through the window, if you legally own a fire arm in your home, and you see some random guy going through your house, your probably going to shoot them as well, if you own a legal fire arm and wish to protect your family.

    If it was an intruder, the intruder could have killed this man if he did not take a shot.
  9. MrMunchies

    How are you supposed to know the person is not armed? Usually an intruder doesn't announce it.
  10. AngelN
    ecause of where we live we got quite a bit of coverage on this story. We are also a pretty much "right to bear arms" state. Apparently the kid had snuck out of the house and his parents were not aware he was gone. Its not their fault you can't cage a teen in they will sneak out figure it won't happen to them. There has been a rash of burglaries lately with the economy being what it is....and just a lot of stuff in the USA going on in general. The man with the gun hearing this kind of noise that late at night believed he had an intruder. All of his people were in for the night. When the boy was entering the "cokkie cutter home" that all looked the same...with his intoxication level he was so plastered he thought he was in the right place...but wasn't he was shot.

    If any of us choose to drink or use then we cannot blame it on the drug but must take responsibility that we did indeed and do indeed open a door for stuff to happen. Thats why the parents didn't press charges they knew it was not the neighbors fault. All in all its a very SAD situation!
  11. MikePatton
    What happened to a good old fashioned ass kicking? If someone breaks into your house and you SEE that he's not armed and he is smaller than you and obviously very intoxicated, why pull out a gun? I reckon one punch would have knocked him right out.
  12. soso
    just becuase he was a teenager wouldnt make him any less of a threat, jails are full of robbin, raping murdering teenagers. still a tragedy though, such a waste.
  13. Rob Cypher
    a) It was probably dark, given the time;

    b) there are plenty of teens who are bigger in frame/height than adults

    c) people can hide firearms on their person pretty easily, and again, it was probably too dark to determine whether or not the intruder was armed

    It's tragic, but I can't see how the homeowner is culpable here under state or federal laws (the "Castle doctrine" that most states have comes to mind in this particular case) or even in a civil court.
  14. <*{{{><
    I think it was Robin Williams in some movie said:

    War [i.e. gun love] is the domain of the small penis.
  15. coolhandluke
    i hate to say it but if i wake up in the middle of the night to an intruder breaking into my house the most im giving them is a warning shot, maybe.

    the fact is in the states anyone and everyone could be armed anywhere, the time it takes to figure out if someone is drunk and in the wrong house or trying to rob and potentially harm you or your family is more than enough time for a criminal to get the drop on you and then if your lucky your house gets robbed while your hog tied if your not you get a bullet in the head so you cant be a witness.

    i've had a few friends break into the neighbors house piss drunk, one time they called the cops and i went out and had to explain the situation so he didn't get arrested. i just told them he wasn't intending to break into their house he was just so drunk he had no idea where he was and he would pay for everything he broke, somehow they agreed and no one got hurt or in jail.

    does anyone know what the law says about forceable entry? i think if someones door is unlocked and they gun down a drunk kid they should get some charges, if the house is broken into mistaking a party goer for a burglar is much more easy to happen.
  16. Rob Cypher
    I notice that there is quite a ..disparity in responses, and it mainly centers around whether or not the poster is American. Interesting on how people from countries with gun control are having different reactions than ones from the place with the Second Amendment.
  17. coolhandluke
    thats because other counties dont have hand guns on the streets like in the states, like i said in this country the volume of guns out there is enormous. when i was in 7th grade a friend of mine's cousin who was from a bigger city and in a gang gave him a cheap 9mm, we were like 12, not lying. at the end of school he showed me it and we went out to the woods and popped a few rounds off, a few weeks later we were fucking around with it and when he let go of the slide to chamber a round the piece of shit misfired into the air, could have really easily shot someone.

    personally i think other countries' gun controls work excellent, just look at the murder rates and statics. im sure successful suicide attempts are lower because access to guns makes suicide much easier to do and the chances of succeeding almost guaranteed.

    the way hand guns are in america is like the wild west, and the lobbyist just keep saying to arm more people. i personally thing after every baby is born they should be issued a large caliber automatic hand gun with extended magazines, polymer tipped ammunition, and everything else essential to democracy (just incase anyone takes me serious, dont).
  18. MikePatton
    Everyone above 18 here is trained to fire a gun and in many cases own one. Still, you're not legally allowed to shoot at someone who is unarmed, no matter what the circumstances are. There was a guy who's farm was broken into by a burglar trying to steal his cows or whatever, he shot him dead and is still in jail. It was a very high profile case because it provoked this kind of gun law discussion, but ultimately most people are not in favor of changing the law.
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