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Drunken Florida Man Arrested For Battery On Girlfriend, Offers Obama Excuse

  1. Rob Cypher
    A drunken disturbance in the middle of the street landed a Century man in jail, partially, he said, because President Obama believes law enforcement listens more to women.

    John Henry Shiffner, 18, was charged with aggravated battery knowing the victim was pregnant and disorderly public intoxication.

    Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a public disturbance in the intersection of Mayo and Front streets in Century late Saturday night. After deputies arrived, they reported Shiffner pacing back and forth in an agitated manner and cursing loudly. Deputies determined the disturbance was only verbal and sent Shiffner back to his home in the 7500 block of Mayo Street, accompanied by his 30-year old girlfriend.

    After the couple rounded the corner, deputies could hear a loud disturbance. They responded, at which time Shiffner was detained in the back of a patrol car. Deputies reported the disturbance was loud enough that neighbors were gathering on their porches to watch.

    Shiffner’s girlfriend, who is two and a half months pregnant with his child, said he had pushed her, causing her to land on her back on the ground. She refused medical treatment.

    When deputies tried to question Shiffner in the back of their patrol vehicle, he began yelling at his girlfriend. When deputies explained her claim that he had pushed her, “he stated he did not touch her and then began rambling on about how Obama is right,” deputies reported.

    “Obama said cops always listen to women,” Shiffner said, according to his arrest report.

    Deputies were not able to determine where the 18-year old had obtained alcohol. His mother, according to the report, denied purchasing alcohol for him.

    October 23, 2013



  1. RoboCodeine7610
    Okay, this guy is a scumbag, and an idiot. But how do they know if it's even true? After all, it is her word against his; and this article says nothing about how she was found by the cops. Could be she was just standing there when she said it.

    Then again, idiots like this don't help any neighborhood so perhaps it's for the best that he's going to prison.

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