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Drunken Florida man runs off without Crocs, wets pants after break-in attempt,

  1. Rob Cypher
    Dominick Andrew Giordano ran off without his Crocs and his bladder-control skills, deputies said.

    The 32-year-old West Boca man apparently urinated himself after he tried and failed to break into another man's truck, then tried to flee, according to a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

    The reports lays out the allegations against Giordano:

    At about 12:15 p.m. Monday, a West Boca couple stopped at the Chipotle at 9930 Glades Road.

    While their Toyota Tundra pick-up truck was parked, a man later identified as Giordano tried to open the vehicle's door.

    The driver, a 53-year-old West Delray man, yelled at Giordano, who took off running south.

    Giordano's black Croc shoes fell off and he left them at the scene. He kept running to a nearby Discount Shoe Warehouse.

    A deputy arrived to find Giordano walking out of the shoe store, barefoot and clutching a bag of new sneakers.

    Giordano was told to sit on the sidewalk. At this point, the deputy noticed a liquid stream soaking his pant leg and from Giordano's breath, an "overwhelmingly strong smell of alcohol."

    "While looking at the suspect it appeared that he may have urinated himself as there was a steady wet stream line running down his right pant leg," the deputy wrote in his report.

    Giordano offered an explanation, according to the report. He said he thought the Toyota Tundra was his because he "used to have a truck."

    At one point, Giordano also apologized and said, "man, I thought that was my buddy's truck," deputies said.

    Giordano works as a chef at the Gleneagles Country Club in Delray Beach, according to the arrest report.

    Giordano faces one felony count of burglary. He was booked in at the Palm Beach County Jail Monday afternoon and released later Monday night, according to the Sheriff's Office booking blotter.

    Brett Clarkson
    Sun Sentinel [Florida]
    June 25, 2013



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