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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Dublin man sentenced for €4m heroin haul

    A young Dublin man with no previous convictions has been given a seven-year sentence with two suspended for possessing nearly €4m of heroin in his car.

    Daniel Davis (aged 22) of Sandyhill Way, Ballymun claimed he "jumped at the chance" to earn money to offset a €1,200 cocaine "bill" by transporting a sportsbag full of drugs from Navan Road Travelodge to a nearby pub car park.

    He said a "fella" had told him he'd be a rich man once the job was done.

    Judge Katherine Delahunt described Davis as "a young man looking to make easy money" because he had a new Toyota Avensis car and the remainder of a personal injury claim to "discharge" his drug debt at the time.

    She said Davis's early guilty plea and co-operation with gardaí were " to his credit", despite the aggravating factor of a financially motivated crime.

    Davis pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possessing nearly 20kg of heroin worth €3,865,400 at the Halfway House Pub on the Navan Road on July 7, 2008.

    Detective Garda Declan O'Connell of the Garda National Drugs Unit said he and colleagues followed Davis' car from Travelodge to the nearby pub car park, where they found the drugs in the backseat.

    Det Gda O'Connell told Mr Cormac Quinn BL, prosecuting, that gardaí weren't monitoring Davis as part of their drugs trafficking operation.

    He said Davis denied he knew what was in the confiscated sportsbag but claimed he'd received a phone call to pick it up at Travelodge and deliver it to "a man called 'Mick'".

    The detective garda agreed with Ms Iseult O'Malley SC ,defending, that her client had no previous convictions or any record of "petty offending" and that he was unlikely to come before the courts again.

    He further agreed that Davis had since dropped contact with his former peers and had taken steps toward rehabilitation by attending drugs counselling for his cocaine problem.

    Judge Delahunt acknowledged Davis' efforts and suspended the final two years of his sentence.

    11/01/2010 - 17:08:29


  1. akack2
    So five years then if he keeps his head down he'l only do 75% of every year (3 months off for good behaviour on every year) so he'l be out in less than four.

    Have to laugh at the estimate of the price of the haul lol

    Do police in other countries do this too?Increasing the prices or just using retail prices to figure out the worth of a wholesale amount seized?
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    They do that in the states alot as well. And I hate it when the press reports only the (inflated) dollar amount and not actual quantity.

    That said, it is not always the case, and the feds and the police, on the west coast in particular, have gotten much better about it in recent years- particularly in regards to marijuana seizures, sometimes substantially lowballing the figures.

    As a general rule- any dollar amounts/dosage amounts reported by the press need to be taken with a grain of salt, especially if there is not enough info given to do the math oneself.
  3. akack2
    Thanks man,always good to hear about whats happening elsewhere :)
  4. Coconut
    What a moron. That Travelodge is one kilometre from the pub. Did he really expected to be paid a hefty sum for carrying a sports bag a distance which could have been walked in ten minutes along the dual carriageway? Amazing.
  5. Abrad
    Poor guy was set up, he should have seen it coming but I still feel sorry for him.
  6. johnnyyen
    set up??...does that mean that mean that the uber dealers/smugglers were expecting to get gripped and dumped the load on a third party quickly?..it begs the question that if they could afford to 'write off' that amount how much else is going through their hands??..
    as coconut confirmed,as the distance involved was so short the dibbles must have been very close to swooping before this deal was worked out with the young lad.....
  7. malsat
    What a horrible, horrible story. There's nothing good in it! That poor guy...
  8. mickey_bee
    Reading this, swim is so glad he turned down the 'oppurtunity' to store a briefcase for £300/week.
    It was mighty tempting, but swim needs a rattle in prison like he needs a blocked needle.

    Poor guy. So often in these cases, it's the most desperate, most inexperienced, and those who are profiting the least, who get the largest/only sentence.
    In the recent 330kg heroin bust trial in the UK, it was the driver, who stood to make merely a matter of hundreds of euros, who got the longest sentence by far.

    Wherease the actual criminal gangs who stood to profit millions got far lesser sentences. Really don't understand the logic.....
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