Duchess’s garden of cannabis, cocaine and

By Alfa · Jul 16, 2005 · Updated Aug 21, 2006 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Duchess's garden of cannabis,cocaine and opium
    By Alan Hamilton

    ALREADY famous for her ornamental plantings, superlative roses and spectacular spending, the Duchess of Northumberland has won permission to grow drugs in her garden at Alnwick Castle.

    One of the most popular tourist attractions in the North East is set to become an even bigger magnet for curious visitors next spring when they will be able to admire — but not pick — specimens of cannabis, opium poppies, magic mushrooms, tobacco and the coca plant, the source of cocaine.

    The Home Office has approved a licence for the Duchess and the trust which runs the 40 acres of gardens at the border castle, on the grounds that the plants will be exhibited strictly for educational purposes. They will take their place alongside 50 other dangerous plants in what will be Britain’s largest public poison garden.

    Peter Wirtz, a Belgian responsible for designing Alnwick’s classical water cascade, has also created the Poison Garden.

    Some other specimens he has planted include the poisonous foxglove and wild lettuce, which can be used as a tranquiliser. Although almost complete and ready to open within weeks, the garden will not achieve full glorious bloom until winter is over. Any temptation to harvest the hallucinogens will be curbed by marshals who will escort all visitors through the patch of poisons.

    The Duchess, who created the modern garden and is now a member of the trust that runs it, said yesterday: “The garden is more than the development of a beautiful place or a regenerative tourism venue.

    “Drugs are a major concern across the country and an emotive issue. The Poison Garden will offer a new avenue, outside the classroom, to get people talking about the misuse of drugs, most of which grow in nature. I am interested in the power of plants and how they have been used not only to cure but to poison and kill.”

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  1. Nicaine
    Oh, shit... God Save the Queen! I have done wrong and deserve to be poisoned. By Her Majesty's the Duchess's grace, I request 8 hours access to her gardens (in the middle of the night), in which to suffer agonies of poisoning. Her Highness's wrath shall descend upon me. I do request this with all due pomp and circumstance, so that after I suffer I may be granted the grace of Her Personal Hospital, where I may rest and recover gracefully, should I survive. I say this knowing full well I deserve a Royal Poisoning for offending the Queen!

    Duly requested by authority of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


    P.S. no offense to any Brits here... it's a joke.</font>Edited by: Nicaine
  2. Alfa
    Sure beats amusement parcs.

    How the hell are they going to keep prince Harry out of there??
  3. Woodman
  4. Alfa

    The Duchess of Northumberland has defended a visitor attraction in Alnwick Garden after thieves stole six cannabis plants.

    The plants were taken from a greenhouse being used to shield them from the cold in a night-time raid. Propagating equipment was also taken from the grounds.

    Cannabis is just one of an array of narcotic and potentially lethal species on display in the gated Poison Garden, designed to warn against the misuse of drugs.

    But rather than attempt to circumvent the tight security surrounding the Poison Garden itself, the intruders headed for a service greenhouse where plants were being stored under cover.

    All the remaining cannabis plants have now been removed and destroyed as police hunt for the culprit.

    Last night the duchess and the Alnwick Garden Trust defended the inclusion of dangerous plants as part of their display as "an alternative avenue" for teachers and parents to instigate discussion and increase awareness of the misuse of drugs.

    She said: "The Alnwick Garden Trust is committed to drugs education and the theft of the cannabis plants from the Poison Garden serves only to underline the importance of this work.

    "The charity will continue to educate thousands of children each year on the dangers of drugs and poisonous plants.

    "The Poison Garden's appeal of danger stimulates debate."
  5. podge
    narcotic? potentially lethal?.....how the fuck was this bullshit allowed to be printed ?
  6. Alicia
    an excuse to take the boyo out for a walk..
  7. jesusfreak666er
    Its good to be king, or i guess in this case its good to be a dutchess... Big ups to the royal family holla
  8. acexnx316
    ^ Green with envy ^
  9. Beeker
    I guess it's a good thing the royals know how it feels when people in uniform bust in and steal the crops. ;)
  10. Lunar Loops
    Duchess hosting anti-drug tours

    This story just gets more ridiculous. The yak was wondeering what other media stereotypes these actors perform for other drugs? Hardly going to work any better when the kids see 'real' people behaving nothing like the actors in the Duchess' garden. Anyway, this from BBC News website:

    Duchess hosting anti-drug tours

    [​IMG] The Duchess admits the event will shock some

    Children were able to see the effects of drug and alcohol abuse during visits to a Northumberland tourist attraction.
    Alnwick Garden, in the grounds of Alnwick Castle, hosted a special tour designed to bring drugs education to life for local schoolchildren.
    Addicts were played by actors, who simulate the negative effects of drugs like cocaine, ecstasy and heroin.
    The Duchess of Northumberland described the event as a "shocking but different" approach to drugs education.
    The fact that addicts are actors was not revealed to schoolchildren until they reached the end of the so-called Reality Tour.

    The pupils then took part in a series of interactive workshops with the Gibber Theatre Company.
    The duchess has already been given permission by police to grow drugs, including cannabis and opium in a special area of the gardens complex.
    She said: "Reality Tours is shocking and probably quite unnerving for lots of our visitors.
    "But we have always done things differently here and that goes for our approach to drugs education, too.
    "Children are here on a fun day out and it will be interesting to see their reactions to passing 'drug addicts'.
    "Whether it's a drunk slurring and stumbling in the Treehouse or a heroin abuser shivering in our Rose Garden, the realities of turning to drugs will be plain to see." Trudi Eadington, assistant head teacher at Wensleydale Middle School, one of the first schools to take part in the new scheme, said: "Reality Tours gives pupils a new perspective on drugs and brings to life some hard-hitting messages under rather incongruous circumstances, which only intensifies the experience for the children." Vicky Blackburn, training and development director of the Gibber Theatre Company, said: "Drama breaks down barriers and can be a very effective medium that provides a real learning experience for everyone involved."
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