Dumping thoughts...#3

By Viscis · Jan 28, 2010 ·
  1. Viscis
    We each have two eyes,
    The colours vary but those eyes are the same,
    The tint of mine is lonley,
    At least, my eyes have each other.​
    We each have two hands,
    The size is varied but the hands are the same,
    The substance of mine is lost,
    At least, my hands have each other.​
    We each have one mind,
    The content is diverse...
    But the mind is the same...
    Thoughts of my soul wander,
    My mind is alone.​
    We each have special friends,
    The annotation varies but the people are the same,
    The friends I've chosen are sound,
    My friends and I, were not alone.​

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