Dumping thoughts...#4

By Viscis · Jan 28, 2010 ·
  1. Viscis
    Depression comes and leaves,
    Saddness stopped after I gained hope,
    I wish this fantacy would never end.​
    Everyone is so loving, caring. 'Nice'.
    People help each other, never doing wrong,
    Christmas is meant to be an unhappy season?
    Oh why do I feel so alive.​
    I've turned off the televison, bored of its glaring rays,
    Instead I'm phoning my dear friends, the ones I like so much.
    Once again the snow is rising, gravity has just given up.​
    But wait its all gone quiet, the musics stopped.
    People are quiet, thinking,
    About how they can change? Reasons struck them with force!
    Reality flickers on and off; who knows what this coming year will bring.​

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