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Duo found guilty of drugs supply

By Smirnoff · Sep 27, 2009 ·
  1. Smirnoff
    A man and a woman have been found guilty of drug supply charges after the discovery of a cannabis factory on a south of Scotland industrial estate.

    Awang An and Wenxia Dong, both 34, had denied the offence in Ecclefechan, between March and May this year.

    The pair had previously been acquitted at Dumfries Sheriff Court of a charge of producing cannabis.

    They will be sentenced later this month, when a sheriff will also decide whether to recommend deportation.

    The duo were detained in a car near the industrial unit where police found cannabis plants with a value of up to £750,000.

    Earlier this week Sheriff George Jamieson acquitted them of producing the drug, after it was argued there was no case to answer.

    However, a jury has found them guilty of being involved in the supply of the drug.

    Dong was also convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice by throwing away a bag containing cash, scales, fuses and bottles of plant feed.


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