1. Terrapinzflyer
    Dutch arrested in Ezeiza with 22,200 ecstasy pills

    A young Dutch was arrested today at Ezeiza International Airport in possession of 22,200 ecstasy tablets.

    Sources from the Airport Security Police of Argentina (PSA in Spanish) said the 21 years old man, arrived from Madrid in an Iberia plane.

    The General Customs Directorate took charge arresting the young man when the drugs inside a false bottom suitcase was discovered.

    Apparently, the dutch initially resisted the police review, but he was transferred to a control room as to check their luggage and after proper seizure of drugs, was arrested and put in charge of the justice.

    On 14 September 2007, a citizen of Netherlands was arrested with 26.00 pills. In March 2009, a 23 year old Portuguese arrived to the country with 22,093.

    January 17 2010



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