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Dutch coffee shop fined 10m euros for breaking drug law

  1. Spucky
    A Dutch court has fined the owner of the Netherlands' biggest cannabis-selling coffee shop 10m euros
    (£9m, $13.3m) for breaking drugs laws.

    Owner Meddie Willemsen, who was tried along with 15 staff of the Checkpoint coffee shop in Terneuzen,
    was also sentenced to a 16-week prison term.

    He was convicted for keeping more than the maximum tolerated amount of 500g (18oz) of drugs at the cafe.
    Checkpoint served up to 3,000 people a day before being closed last year.

    On a couple of occasions, police found 200kg (440lb) of cannabis when they raided the coffee house.
    Willemsen was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, but was released as he had already spent the time in jail ahead of the trial.
    He and his staff were convicted of breaking drugs laws, exporting drugs and membership of a criminal organisation.

    The 10m euro fine was lower than the 28m euro fine prosecutors had asked for because of the "role of the authorities"
    in allowing Checkpoint to grow unchecked.
    "Checkpoint could not have expanded as much as it did without collaboration from the municipality of Terneuzen,"
    a court statement said.

    The town, close to the Belgian border, put up road signs showing the way to the Checkpoint and built
    a car park near it to reduce traffic congestion in town.
    Though technically illegal, the Netherlands decriminalised the consumption and possession of under 5g (0.18oz)
    of cannabis in 1976 under an official "tolerance" policy.

    No Author named
    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8587576.stm


  1. chillinwill
  2. rocksmokinmachine
    This is absoloute BS. SWIM knows of many of the busier coffeeshop owners, (in Amsterdam anyway), that constantly break the 500g rule, with no reprucussions.

    The demand would simply outweight the supply. Moronic...
  3. BloodyMuffin
    nevertheless, it would be absurd to argue against it. they outright broke the law. a law which i might point out is extremely fair in contrast with the law in the rest of the world. it could just as easily be banned like everywhere else, but its not. yeah, the demand would outweigh the supply if they all kept only 500g, but i believe thats the point. they want these shops to remain small.
  4. noAverageJoe
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