Dutch Coffeeshops may no longer sell cannabis

By Alfa · Sep 15, 2009 · ·
  1. Alfa
    [h3]Drugs tourism: 'it's over' says Roosendaal[/h3]
    Tuesday 15 September 2009

    The towns of Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom have made a comedy film to let French and Belgian cannabis smokers know that they can no longer buy drugs over the border in Holland.

    The border towns' so-called coffee shops (which sell cannabis) have been ordered to stop selling soft drugs from Wednesday because of the nuisance caused by drugs tourism. Each town has four coffee shops, serving some 25,000 drugs tourists a week.

    The film C'est fini follows three Flemish lads attempting to buy a joint in the Netherlands.

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  1. I<3Salvia
    This is a damn shame. Swim was hoping to start a coffee shop over there someday. Now things are looking sketchy. Do you think this is just the first step? Or will this be the end of it?
  2. Alfa
    It's not the first step. But unfortunately not the last either. The Christian Democrats and the conservative Christians are in rule and ave already reduced the number of coffeeshops from 1200 to 800 until last year and have closed down over a hundred last year and are now trying hard to reduce the number even more.
  3. anonuser30500
    Looks like some local council has pushed this one. That said, the traffic to the border towns selling cannabis does get on the local people's nerves. Swim suspects that its not so much cannabis that is the issue here but volume of traffic, overcrowding and so on.

    25,000 potheads would throw up a few sights to behold no doubt. A volume like that ought to be ferried out to some industrial estate. At least locals will not be woken by cars blasting out that music, or hippies hitting the bongos at 3.00am.

    Potheads won't cause the same grief 25,000 drinkers would cause, but 25,000 of anyone is an issue if they turn up every weekend whilst locals are trying to unwind. Not everyone blazes up to unwind, so you have to be considerate towards others. Most do, but there are always a few who make a show of themselves when high, perhaps cause a nuisance.

    When Swim was in Belgium, it cost maybe £20 or so for a return ticket to Centraal station slap bang in the middle of Amsterdam. Trains are fast, generally on time, clean and comfortable. In fact, they are too comfortable as Swim fell asleep and woke up in France. Easy to do after a weekend in the Dam.

    Hell, everyone should get lost in another country at least once. It's fun, in Europe at least!

    PS - Agree with Alfa re the political pressure from far right entities and so on. The figures point to political pressure and far right being traditionally opposed to drugs, willing to hang us when you just KNOW they are banging every drug under the Sun.

    Swim is more thinking of how the UK could accommodate coffee shops and maybe the UK is alone again with much of Europe and the 'new' Europe, heading towards fascism.

    We're debating giving out heroin to addicts, Europe is actually veering towards maybe tattooing them. After all, Hitler, pretty much had addicts classed as human trash. The only shooting galleries he had were not quite places to freely inject, more an execution ground.

    So, in the UK, at least we're not yet at the stage of a far right revival. I hope we stand alone in that regard, remain the awkward bastards who care for those less fortunate.

    What is happening in Holland worries Swim.
  4. Nature Boy
    I'm afraid that's not true at all. As we've been seeing from many of the news stories coming out of The Netherlands over the past few years, the Christian Democrat-dominated government are systematically removing the liberal drug laws one by one. This has nothing to do with problematic tourists. Their puritanical personal views have spilled into the world of politics leading to illogical financial decisions. Do you honestly believe any rational town would be against drawing 25,000 non-violent tourists? Harmless people who are happily willing to spend lots of money on a drug that only results in higher food sales? It defies common sense. The Dutch have a reputation for being efficient when it comes to economics. By right, they should be delighted to capitalise on every cent that would otherwise go to the black market. There's clearly something wrong with what's happening there right now. Young people don't vote and the conservative-minded older class get to tinker with civil liberties freely. Their outdated morals are fucking up society. Simply put, I don't even think democracy really works. It's always going to be slowed down by old fogies that fear progress and can't keep up with the modern world.

    "If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it." - Mark Twain
  5. akack2
    Those eejits are only in power because of a public backlash to assassinations by Islamic fundamentalists,the public are sheep in Nederland just like everywhere else :(
  6. Alfa

    Nah. More than everywhere else.
  7. akack2
    whut..Idiots,eejits is an Irishism of the English word-Idiots

    where...Theo Van Gogh,Pim Fortyn (Killed not by an Islamic Fundamentalist but his death celebrated by them).
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