Dutch driver on a cocaine binge goes to town on a field (photo included)

By lulz · Jun 25, 2007 · ·
  1. lulz

    It happened in the Netherlands, this is an internet translation of the news article:


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  1. Whit
    Looks like he was havin' ALOT of fun!

    He's obviously made the most of it before he came out!
  2. lulz
    He was apparently driving around the field for a while, maybe he got lost in the field? Otherwise he was being chased by police most of the time, but based on this video it must have been the slowest police chase in history


    Looking back on the overhead photo of the damage, I wonder if those darker lines were left by the police? In which case they must have been following him around on his merry ride for quite a while :crazy
  3. rod
    There goes the popcorn
  4. schwing
    LOL, that's going to be my desktop BG :)
  5. lulz
  6. enquirewithin
    Don't believe the authorities. This was without doubt aliens. They probably abducted the guy and probed him and filled him with drugs him before putting him back in the car
  7. UberDouche
    My thoughts exactly. Perhaps a progressive defense attorney may take that argument up on trial day.
  8. Rio Fantastic
    Ha ha ha, looks like he was having a good time. :p
  9. radiometer
    OK, this is the one and only time I will ever say that I approve of driving under the influence. That's totally awesome. I especially like the area on the lower right where he tried and somehow failed to move on to the next field.

    Love the translation too! "It succeeded eventually to force the man to stoppers" Haha!
  10. Woodman
  11. tayo
    haha someone post what that image does for visuals when on psychedelics.

    and the poor guy probably just decided to go pee in a corn field and couldnt find his way out so figured "take out as much of the crop as you can and you'll see the highway soon"
  12. Alicia
    lol amusing thats gone in swia pile of funny pics, nice lines, hehe. swia could see that happening on a huge binge like that. lol
  13. Beeker
    I'll bet he thought whatever he was up to was REAL fucking important at the time. lol!
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