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  1. Alfa
    A advisory commission on drugs has stated in their report that cannabis with more than 15% THC should be seen as a hard drug, similar to cocaine and heroin. The commission Garretsen states that strong cannabis should be banned. The Minister of Public Health and the Minister of Justice agree with the commissions conclusions.

    Currently 75% of cannabis sold in coffeeshops contains more than 15% THC. The Minister of Public Heath states that there is a much larger risk of addiction and mental health problems with strong cannabis.

    The platform of cannabis retailers states this is a storm in a glass of water. "Cannabis is the only drug that does not cause deaths. It has a low toxicity. Something you cannot say about alcohol. We are not going to ban whiskey or other strong liquor, are we?" Says Willem Panders.

    The socialist party states that the optimal way to gain control over the quality and THC content of cannabis is to regulate cannabis cultivation. Cannabis cultivation is highly illegal in The Netherlands.

    In recent years the Dutch government has restricted coffeeshops in many ways. It has closed down half of the cannabis retailers, for being situated too close to schools or the border. Coffeeshops in the Amsterdam center are closing to change the cities imago. A weed-pass is going to restrict coffeeshops from selling to foreigners and limits the number of total customers per coffeeshops to 1000. Coffeeshops that have been too successful have been raided and prosecuted. Dutch coffeeshops can posses a maximum of 500 grams of cannabis. This is not enough for the average coffeeshop to last through a day. The supply of cannabis to coffeeshops is illegal.

    The number of coffeeshops has drastically been reduced and I expect this trend to continue in the coming years.


  1. vocko123
    No moore trips to dutch for cheap high quality weed? =/
  2. trdofbeingtrd
    I can't say I disagree so much with this. There is nothing wrong with some high potency marijuana, I mean in brownies it is just the bomb diggidy doodily......LOL, seriously, I don't have a problem with it.

    It does seem though that putting a cap isn't a bad thing, but I would like to see it legal as it is there.

    What do you think about this Alfa?
  3. Alfa
    I think the government will keep on applying limits to what coffeeshops can sell, stock, where they can be located, to whom they can sell. Step by step the government is taking away income for coffeeshops. Until coffeeshops are only important to a nonvocal minority.

    The underground will greatly benefit and criminal organizations will profit. They should send flowers to the minister.
    All these measures will increase street sales. Current street sales are generally not done by the relaxed hippie type dealer that was present before coffeeshops came, but by those people who are able and willing to cope with the stress of law enforcement hunting for them.
    Prices will increase. Stakes will get higher. Violence and weapons will be needed to defend turfs.

    Since cannabis cultivation is already illegal in The Netherlands and Law Enforcement is actively hunting for growers, there already are established criminal networks present. These networks will have a field day and are certainly hoping for a more restrictive drug policy.

    I suspect that this downward spiral is exactly what the Christian Democrats want. They will be able to point out the criminality that comes with cannabis, and this will fuel further restrictions. Cannabis does not fit into the Christian ideology. As one of the major influential Christian Democrats said 'drugs are competition to God'.
    The Secretary of state for Justice is of the right wing liberal party and previously was a Attorney General / Prosecutor. He naturally has very strong ties to the Law Enforcement scene and those organizations thrive on restrictive drug policy. He was responsible for the ban on magic mushrooms.
    The fascists are looking to be as tough on drugs, as they can be.
    So with these 3 parties in rule, there is not much hope for Dutch drug policy and the future of coffeeshops.
  4. trdofbeingtrd
    Very interesting. You see, I was wanting to ask you another question then. While there are obvious reasons why different cultures could factor into my question, and that's a given, do you think that different countries laws can factor into your same views of this?

    In other words (I am terrible with words and explaining what I mean), would your views apply to any countries? I am guessing that if you were to take Christian democrats out of the equation it could be different, so this would apply to only countries where Christian democrats are strongly present.

    I agree with what you said above, but I am ignorant of how different countries laws apply to something with such a common relation such as substance use/abuse.

    If anyone is reading this, can you please chime in if you have an opinion?
  5. TheBigBadWolf
    trd, I surely don't want to broadcast conspiracy theories, but concerning the European Union I am sure (whether they are left or right [man, the left now is there where the right was ten years ago, the liberals are fascists and "christian" parties are right to the right and left to the wall!) that there is a common way of coping with drugs policy, trying to bore users out, no source - no deal - no use. And, like Alfa said, criminal organisations will get the € out of it all. TBBW
  6. CaptainTripps
    The war on drugs in the western world can clearly be traced back to the expansion of the Roman Catholic Church. When the church expanded into the pagan areas they were in competition with a religion based on nature. The pagans used things like plants to heal people of aliments. In some cases these medicines were quite effective. In contrast the church based everything as part of God's plan. If you wanted to be healed then you needed to get right with God. The only way to God was through the church. It was a tough sell trying to compete with remedies that actually worked, with faith healing.

    The church went after the witches and their brews. I remember reading about the beer purity act in Germany going back to the 1600's or something like that. This was not about purity the way we think about it. Back then many ingredients were used in the production of beer. Some of these were psychoactive. They wanted to get rid of these other substances. In many ways the war against drugs was part of the churches greater war against science in general. During the age of enlightenment a distinction arose between science which was more or less acceptable and witchcraft or magic, which was not. The war on drugs was put on the back burner.

    However, there was another issue. This was the spiritual aspect of some drugs. This is one reason that Islam and fundamentalist Christians are so against drugs. Drugs are a substitute for traditional spirituality. They take people from God. Also life is not supposed to be about pleasure, it was supposed to be about service and devotion to God. The thing that made drugs like marijuana and LSD so scary to the conservative Christians was their spiritual aspects. This is why marijuana enforcement is such a high priority for conservatives.

    The reason this is so important is that traditional logic does not work with these people. These are the same people who say if the right eye offend thee, pluck it out. Harm reduction does not compute for these people. Our lifetimes are only a brief moment in time. Eternity is forever. It is not ones life that matters, it is ones soul. You can bring up all the facts and logic you want and it will not matter. They may even accept your facts and logic. But from their point of view this is narrow minded. The big picture is eternity and ones relationship with God.

    You can not argue with these people, you can only expose them for what they are and vote them out.
  7. 'ere
    Those who control the masses through religions do not really want any sort of true spirituality.
    They don't want their people freed.
    They want their sheeple obedient.
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