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Dutch magic mushroom ban appeal case status

  1. chillinwill
    The National Smartshop Association (www.VLOS.nl) wants to have the distorted reputation of Shrooms corrected.

    Thats what the lawyers said at the court in The Hague. They were referring to the incidents in Amsterdam that were said to have links with mushroom use. For example: the Frenchman who killed his dog ['famous' government example] on mushrooms, never used mushrooms. He was psychotic. Health minister Ab Klink repeatedly referred the incident to mushroom usage (in the parliament and media), the lawyers said. But it hasnt been proven that mushrooms were involved.

    "We're dealing with incidents that are expected to have something to do with shroom usage. That is fundamentally different than what the minister implies: that the incident was caused my mushroom usage. According to the lawyers the connection was never established [in fact, official psychiatric reports + a courtcase finding declared that this man did not use mushrooms].

    Moreover, the VLOS (together with 70 others) demand that the farming and selling of shrooms will be allowed again.

    The state attorney said the minister based his ban on an overall picture. Since the year 2000 the selling points of shrooms and mushroom related incidents rose. The VLOS said that mushrooms alone cant be blamed. In almost all cases people used a multidrug combination such as MDMA, Alcohol, Marijuana + Mushrooms. Mushrooms are an easy scapegoat. The minister said that smartshops would only have their income decreased a little but, but some of them had to close down their shop."

    The court will announce it's decision on April 14.

    March 5, 2009


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