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Dutch municipalities hold razzias on tens of thousands of innocent citizens

By Alfa · Nov 11, 2009 · ·
  1. Alfa
    The Hague and Rotterdam

    As the first municipalities in the Netherlands, Rotterdam and The Hague are advancing a controversial project to clean up parts of the cities by holding door to door raids on problematic neighbourhoods. The raids done by The Hague House Brigade affect all citizens.

    The police is inspecting if citizens are conducting any illegal activity. Even if there are no indications that the citizens might be doing so. Illegal activities the police are looking for includes cannabis grows, social benefits fraud, breaches of the housing law.

    It is mandatory for residents to comply with the inspection and if needed the police can access by forceful entry.

    In April 2009 the city of The Hague has started to raid 27.804 homes that are situated in the neighbourhoods named Transvaal, Stationsbuurt/Rivierenbuurt and Schilderswijk.

    The city of the Hague has decided that half of the addresses need to be inspected. The police has discovered 140 cannabis grow houses since April. Street value of the confiscated cannabis was 2.4 million Euro.
    The Hague House Brigade has raided 1050 homes in the first half of 2009.

    The city of Rotterdam has started in 2000 and is inspecting 25.000 times a year under the name of 'Intervention team'. Its unclear what the results of the Rotterdam raids are.

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDIqJGPySMo


    A letter to the Dutch ombudsman:


  1. jwantbeer
    George Orwell coundn't have imagined the depths to which Totalitarian governments are now sinking. In America you can be stopped by the cops for absolutly no reason and forced to submit to a search of your vehicle and of your person. God help you if you are in possesion of a plant not on the approved list or a pill without paperwork.
  2. Nature Boy
    Draconian measures indeed. What the fuck is happening in the Netherlands at the moment? This sounds more like the actions of the American DEA than the typically relaxed (in terms of soft drug policy) Dutch authorities.
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