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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Dutch smuggling suspects released in Iceland

    Three Dutch citizens, who were arrested in Iceland in connection with the smuggling of three tonnes of hashish, have been released. Four more are still being held in the Netherlands over the case.

    The three men arrived in Seydisfjordur on Saturday on board a 100 tonne steel boat, registered in Saint Vincent in the Caribbean. The boat was damaged before arriving in Iceland, including the loss of its rear mast and heavy scratching. The three were arrested and an exhaustive search conducted on the boat with dogs and divers, but no drugs were found, Visir.is reports.

    According to Dutch media, a regular coastguard patrol on Friday saw a boat and contacted the crew, whose explanation for their voyage raised suspicions.

    On Saturday, officers boarded the boat and found three tonnes of hashish and arrested its crew of four and took them to the Netherlands. Their investigation indicated that another boat was also involved in the smuggling.
    Icelandic police believe the crew of the steel boat in Seydisfjordur may have transferred the drugs to the other yacht out at sea – but say there is not enough evidence to hold the three Dutch crew members longer.

    The crew counter that they were on their way to Greenland. Their boat is not seaworthy at the moment; but when it is they will be free to leave Iceland, although the investigation is ongoing.

    Posted on 19 May 2010



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