DXM Powder OD

By RoboCop · Mar 2, 2005 · ·
  1. RoboCop
    Im sure many of you have heard about this for those of you that havent.

    CAPE CORAL— The deaths of two Cape Coral teenagers have the governor calling for new drug laws. Nineteen year olds Steve Wambolt and Chris Hundley may have died of a drug overdose after friends say they took the raw, powder form of dextromethorphan purchased off the internet.

    Alex Kulwicki, the teen who survived the overdose, confirmed he purchased a drug from Chemical API. The company runs a website selling legal drugs meant for lab use, not human consumption.

    Thursday the site stopped taking new orders, citing recent events, but didn't specify whether the deaths of Steve Wambolt and Chris Hundley played a role in the decision.

    ABC7 has attempted to contact the site via e-mail and by phone, but have received no response.

    Friday, Governor Jeb Bush said he believes the deaths will trigger tougher laws against drug websites.

    "I hope the net result of this will be we are given the power to tighten the noose on these kinds of horrific operations," said Bush.

    Attorney General Charlie Crist agrees with the governor - and says legislation could come soon.

    "We have a session that starts in a couple of weeks, I'm sure that some of our members from the house and senate would look at some legislation that would directly impact and hopefully cure this kind of problem from happening again," said Crist.

    Senator Bill Nelson says he will meet with drug enforcement officials next week.

    The Cape Coral Police Department will not confirm or deny whether Chemical API is part of their death investigation at this time.


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  1. jrock0069
    Thats bullshit. If they knew enough about DXM to order it online, then I'm sure they knew how much to take. How much pure DXM does it take to actually kill you? They must have mixed it with something else, like alcohol or something. I've heard of people dying from the chemicals mixed with DXM(ccc) but not pure DXM. I think this is just our stupid US government trying to turn communist on our asses and control our every move.[​IMG]
  2. par excellence.

    For serious!!! I've never heard of one true OD (I got taken to a
    hospital against my will because I took 600 MG and was pretty
    disoriented, but damn, I would've been totally coherant by the next
    morning I know for a fact!) from DXM _alone_... CCC? Yes. DXM and other
    drugs and shit - a combination? Yes.

    DXM alone? no!

    [​IMG][​IMG] damn gov. propaganda
  3. RoboCop
    A combination is a possibility, that or they were stupid enough to take 2000+ mgs.
  4. brooklyn718
    ive heard of trip reports having people ingest over 1400 mg and be fine. right??? anyways a gram of pure powder is very expensive compared to caugh medicine, so who knows what they did. I do agree that DXM is quite powerful to be a regular otc drug.
  5. William_Again

    The pure powdered DXM is cheap as hell!
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