DXM? What is all the hype about?!

  1. alienesseINspace
    So I don't get it. I read a lot of forum posts about DXM trips but have never tripped from DXM and don't understand what the big deal about it is. I see it described as a dissociative as well as a hallucinogen. I read about people who don't get anything out of it and I also read about "plateaus." What is DXM similar to? Does it compare to any naturally occurring drug? Any designer drug? Any stack?

    I read that people get ill and vomit or headaches...

    What is the variance happening here? I'd love to understand the DXM phenomenon.

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  1. Seraph
    DXM is popular because of how easy it is to get, DXM is usually used as a last resort of people who really want to get high but have no other drugs or by twelve-year olds. DXM is nothing special, if someone is interested in dissociatives there are so many other superior dissociatives such as ketamine, methoxetamine and 3-MeO-PCP.
  2. Alpheus
    I've got the same question. I drank 330mg of DXM in a cough syrup (not the polystirex form, the Hbr form), all that happened was I felt groggy and slightly drunk, got a headache later. Maybe it's because I'm obese I need a lot higher dose, but I though 330mg was a good full on recreational dose. Not sure if I'm ever going to bother with any higher doses since 330 was so pointless.
  3. alienesseINspace
    ^^^ was it just DXM or did it have other stuff in it?
  4. Alpheus
    Just DXM Hbr nothing else, took a bit of shopping to find one without any other crap so I wouldn't poison myself.
  5. alienesseINspace
    What are plateaus? Did you have them?
  6. Heretic.Ape.
    Plateaus simply refer to distinguishable qualitatively different levels of intoxication; starting with a sort of drunken wobbly fun feeling up to total dissociation, floating off into other worlds and seeing things.
    Taken in a concentrated form it may cause some nausea at the beginning but most puking is due to people chugging robotussin bottles and such, which would make anyone puke, lol.

    Personally I like the experience very much, listening to good dynamic music, kicking back and drifting off into a hypogogic phantasmic state that feels like floating out of my body and off into strange and personally enjoyable and relaxed psychedelic fugue.

    A favorite combo of mine is to smoke a little salvia once I start coming down and then lay down and get ready for the trip to launch into outer space :)

    I'd recommend Paracelsus' DXM [dextromethorphan hbr] FAQ; it seemed very thorough when I proofed it for him, but that was a few years ago and my memory isn't much, but P is a very reliable and respectable member. The only thing I remember making suggestions in proofing was some more recent studies of the so-called Olney's lesions or whatever.
  7. phobetor
    DXM is actually a very powerful hallucinogenic and can be very dangerous. I am in treatment for pain management and was be treated with a medication that was developed for withdrawal symptoms, but is frequently used in pain management these days because a large percentage of people do not get "high" off of it if taken as instructed. During that time, I developed a nasty cough and began taken OTC cough medication every couple of hours.
    It turns out that the enzymes used to rid the body of my pain medication were also used to break down DMX. The competition for these enzymes allowed a large quantity of DMX to build up in my system over a period of ~10 days, at which point it all cascaded into my system. A person I barely knew could tell that I was starting to hallucinate and urged my father to take me to the ER immediately. At the ER, my little hallucinatory experience became a full blown psychotic break where it was determined that I was a danger tp the public and myself. Despite having a paralyzed right arm, it took 2 state troopers and four orderlies to get me held down for sedation while breaking a part of my right shoulder socket(I'm a small and not very strong guy). I thought they were trying to kill me.
    The hallucination was based around the idea that creatures from hell were trying to take me there while angels stood around doing nothing to help despite my pleading. I am still suffering some psychological issues from this event. There are several moment I don't remember, but many that I do and the experience made me understand what it truly means to be terrified.
    Now it is quite possible that you won't be able to ingest enough DMX to dissociate or hallucinate to the level of having a psychotic break, but I can assure you that I have not even considered taking anything with DMX in the 4 years that this has happened. If you choose to abuse this stuff, it is quite possible that you won't have the same type of experience as me, but there also exists the possibility that you could have a psychotic break from which there is no coming back.

    Good Luck and have a nice day!
  8. no eff eks
    I've recently started using DXM a little too regularly due to a nasty case of pneumonia and I can only say it's one of the best drugs in the world. I take 20x15mg tablets at once (I have a moderate tolerance at this point and weigh ~140lbs), and it leaves me feeling, in a word, elated. This is the feeling of solid 2nd plateau DXM trip, and I thoroughly enjoy it every time.

    Taking 40x15mg tabs leaves me at a medium-high 3rd plateau which is where you start to see serious visual distortions, along with massively altered thought patterns. I often regret it when I reach this level of the dextroverse, but it's usually an enjoyable experience overall.

    I have had one sigma-plateau mind-fuck a couple years back, and I can only describe it as completely losing touch with reality, your sense of self, and the normal emotions. It was horrifying, and to my roommates it looked like I was delerious and having seizures randomly. Not cool... I don't know how much I took that day, but it was A TON and I also took a couple rips of Salvia for good measure that sent me deep into lala-land...

    Hope that sheds some light on what "all the hype is about"... :)
  9. LunarSpider
    It takes getting used to and effects people differently, but just because it is OTC does not mean it is a weak or kiddie drug. Swim has done many psychedelics including LSD, Shrooms, LSA, to name a few, but feels DXM is more consistent, and is a very therapeutic tool for relaxing and just having a general good time, it never disappoints, for swim anywayz
  10. django47
    Excuse my ignorance, but what is DXM. I've seen quite a few references about it on DF and from what I can make out, it is some sort of hallucinogenic drug.
    I tried to see where these posts originate because since I've read so many DF members experiences, I have come to realise that the drug scene is not the same the world over. For one thing, some drugs (recriational, otc or prescribed) have different names, even in US certain drugs have similar names but not quite the same. Incidentally, I am in UK.
    Before I joined this forum, I thought that I had tried almost every drug about.
    Their are quite a few drugs which I read about on DF and Bluelight etc, and their names are new to me and I am 64 and have been buzzin' on one thing or another ever since I was 13.
    I was going to say that in that time I graduated up to heroin, but what I really mean is that I graduated DOWN to heroin. Drugs like Heroin and Cocaine and acid and of course weed or hash, are recognised by the same names right across the english speaking world. The real names like diamorphine hydrocloride, or lycergic acid diatholidamide, are the same both sides of the pond and so are the street names as well, like smack or acid. But when it comes to pills and certain new designer drugs, thats where it all gets confusing.
    I remember back in the 70s reading in the papers and on tv about this new drug that was taking America by storm and it was called, 'Crack' or 'crack cocaine'. The more I read about it I would say, "You know what this crack sounds like, if I didn't know any better, I would think they were refering to 'Freebase coke', remember".
    As it turned out it is exactly that, only diifference is that the shit thats passed off for so called crack these days is cut to fuck and doesn't burn like freebase, or smell or taste right. If you do a speedball, instead of the 'white' making like oil on the surface of the water when your cooking it up, it bubbles and froths up instead. Baking soda/ bicarb' or what.
    When we use to do it, and this was how I was shown. Their was two ways, the most common way was to put coke into a test tube with water and add bicarbonate of soda. Then I would boil up a saucepan af water and hold the tube in the boiling water to heat it up. then when the coke has crystalised we would strain it through kleenex's(tissues) and wash off the muck with tap water and remove the freebase coke. It was known as washing it. Whenever we talked about charlie(coke), like spreading the word that so an so had some 'C', the question that was always on our lips was, "What does it wash up like". By the way, never try to wash pharmicutical coke cos it just disolves in water. Okay for banging up or speedballing, but thats all, except maybe up the hooter if your a tooter lol.
  11. phobetor
    Dextromethorphan (DXM or DM) is an antitussive (cough suppressant) drug. It is one of the active ingredients in many over-the-counter cold and cough medicines, such as Robitussin, NyQuil, Dimetapp, Vicks, Coricidin, Delsym, and others. Obviously, it is a very tiny quantity that is placed into these medications. It is a "dissociative" drug which means it creates feelings of not being oneself or of being separate or detached from the environment; they distort perceptions and emotions.
    It is an incredibly strong hallucinogen and can have some serious side effects when used in larges enough quantities, including permanent brain damage. I suggest you do some research if you are planning on taking the risks involved(make sure your research includes information from some sources that discourage recreational use of the product.
    My personal experience was accidental and I still have some psychological issues from the hallucinations I experienced(clearly I had a very bad "trip"). The DXM in some cough medicine I used for about 10 days needed specific enzymes to be removed from my body, but another prescription medication I take also used the same enzymes and allowed a large quantity of the DXM to build up in my body. Once the DXM reached a certain quantity, there was a straw that broke the camel's back and all of it was dumped into my system over a period of several hours. It was the most terrifying experience of my life and the hallucinations were many times more intense than any LSD I've ever done.:confused:
    based on my experience, I would discourage anyone from messing around with this stuff. I won't even consider using anything with DXM in it anymore. That is how real and terrifying my experience was.:eek:

    Hope this helps and have a great day!:)

  12. Moving Pictures
    I tried it once when i was 14. Drank a bottle and puked my guts out all night. Didn't trip at all. A few months ago I decided I'd try it again. I figured I just got the wrong kind the first time or something. So I chugged a whole bottle of plain DXM hbr, no other active ingredients, somewhere around 300 mg and it just made me feel spaced out and dirty. No hallucinations, no "robo walk", nothing recreational at all. I've read reports of people who trip good off 300 mg, for me, nothing but feeling disoriented and nasty. It effects different people different though. I knew a guy who was totally hooked on the shit. Drank 5 or 6 bottles a day and prefered it over any drug. He could get coke, heroin, speed, whatever, but he would rather have DXM. He'd just chug that syrup and walk around like a zombie all day.
  13. alienesseINspace
    I found OTC gel caps that only have DXM in them. I really don't know if it is worth the trouble but I am a naughty psychonaught!
  14. Euthanatos93420
    DXM is the active ingredient in most cough suppressants today (Versus opiates of old, and potentially cholocate (theanine) of the future). Generally snobbed by most users of other drugs, even dissociatives. It's a matter of personal preference really. Personally it's Swim's DOC though he reserves it for very occaisonal use to preserve 'the magic' as it were.

    It's dissociative, like PCP or K. It's not really 'high' like other drugs. or psychedelic, in that it repaints your world. It opens a door and shows you your world, unrepainted while creating a perspective to achieve self awareness void of the attatchments.

    High enough it can transport you to another world (4th, sigma, like a K-Hole) that is exactly like this one but everything is backwards (So perfectly that it is essentially exacctly the same).

    My point being. Some people value it and it's a very powerful experience if you research and treat the experience with the respect that any revelatory preperation requires to be properly appreciated.

    If you just want to drink cough syrup to get high one of two things will happen:
    1) It will hate you and you will hate it. These are the folks who subsequently conclude that DXM is 'dirty' and not worth it, only used because it's cheap and easily available for teenagers (If this is you: stop watching TV, jackass)

    2) You will become the justification for that statement and one of the handful who go get lost on the other side and chronically dose in an attempt to brign your spirit (Mind & idea coherence assembly patterns and habits whcih DXM has the ability to break apart) back over. If this is you, stop. You can't do this with DXM. It's not a 'thing' that is somewhere over there you can find. It's a toy you broke and putting it back together requires a lack of DXM.

    DXM's actual popularity among those who truly appreciate it find it haws value in achieving comfortability with self-identity in an enviroment/culture that debases that identity.

    It has the power to break apart rote conditioning an perspective limitations of brainwashing (like a lot of psychedelics). Because of this, if your, identity, habits and cognitive interprative structures are something that you like, stay away it will murder them and leave you a husk of your former self trying to rebuild what doesn't ever go back together.
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