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Dylan Prunster, 23, jailed after being busted offering mephedrone on Facebook

By Greenport · May 20, 2010 · ·
  1. Greenport
    Dylan Prunster, 23, jailed after being busted offering mephedrone on Facebook

    fbpic.jpg A DJ drug dealer was busted after bragging about the racket and offering mephedrone or meow meow on Facebook.

    Dylan Karta Prunster, 23, will spend 28 days in jail after pleading guilty to possessing 4-methyl- methcathinone, commonly known as mephedrone, after police caught him importing the drug, the NT News reports.

    The NT Supreme Court heard that a week after his house was raided by police and he admitted he had 135g of the drug in powder form, police seized a package sent to him containing a capsule-filling device and thousands of empty capsules.

    The Palmerston DJ tried to deny he intended to sell the drugs, despite the court being handed Facebook messages and emails where he discussed buying large quantities of the drug.

    One of the emails was from a supplier offering to sell him 500g of mephedrone for 1900 euros.

    In the Facebook messages, Prunster tells one person called Erica in September last year he can get her "caps" for $35 or $40.

    Prunster told the court through his lawyer that he bought large amounts of the drug because he thought they were the minimum amounts he was allowed, and bought scales and plastic bags to divide some drugs between friends.

    But Justice Judith Kelly said Prunster had not rebutted the legal presumption he was planning to supply the drugs for commercial gain.

    She sentenced Prunster to 18 months' jail, suspended after he serves 28 days.

    By: Emily Watkins, May 19, 2010


  1. chillinwill
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