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Dynamite found in Burnaby apartment during drug raid

  1. Rob Cypher
    BURNABY (NEWS1130) – A drug bust led to an unexpected evening out for everyone living in an apartment tower in Burnaby.

    Police discovered ten sticks of unstable dynamite inside the apartment on Grange Street, north of Kingsway; we’re also hearing police found several small homemade bombs.

    Officers also found several kilos of cocaine, cash, and some guns in the suite on the 11th floor.

    Inspector Tim Shields says it was a tense evening for officers. The bomb disposal unit was called in. “They saw that it was crystalized, and therefore, extremely unstable. It was prone to possible detonation if it was moved.”

    People living in the building are shocked, not just about the explosives, but also because they were neighbours to an apparent drug distribution centre.

    “There are little kids… we chat in the elevators. Something suspicious right next to me!”

    No one was inside the apartment in question; Mounties are not saying anything about suspects.

    The building was evacuated after police discovered the dynamite, which was taken to Central Park and destroyed.

    Feb 13, 2013



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