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  1. Hey :-)
    Category 2 drug Methamphetamine was found in an e-cigarette bought from a Chinese Web site marketed as an aid to quit smoking.

    An “electronic cigarette inspection team” is to target ports of entry, night markets and the Internet, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said in response to police concerns and a media report of e-cigarettes laced with methamphetamine bought from a Chinese web site.

    The Food and Drug Administration yesterday said that in Taiwan, e-cigarettes are pharmaceutical products that cannot be sold without registration of the product and are not permitted to be sold online in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

    According to the Chinese-language United Daily News, police tested an e-cigarette being smoked in Taipei after being alerted to its smell and found that it contained methamphetamine, a Category 2 narcotic specified by the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act.

    The man, surnamed Wen, denied that he was knowingly using the drug and was quoted in the report as telling the police that he purchased the “green-apple-flavored” e-cigarettes on a Chinese shopping Web site earlier this month, because he wanted to kick his smoking habit.

    He found his urge for cigarettes decreased, along with acquiring an increased alertness, after using the device for a week.

    Wen said he was shocked by the test result and joked that he expected to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes, not by using narcotics. He was nevertheless placed under investigation as a drug suspect.

    Police were quoted in the news report as raising concerns about similar online purchases leading to addiction and drug abuse.

    The FDA said that nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes are regulated as pharmaceutical products in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and are required to be registered and approved before being put on the market, or else be banned as counterfeit or prohibited drugs.

    Making claims about the product’s effectiveness in quitting smoking, or even lessening people’s urge to smoke, is equally outlawed by the act, the administration added.

    By Alison Hsiao
    Photograph NY Times
    Monday 20 January 2014
    Taipei Times


  1. Hey :-)
    This seems a strange story. I wonder if the Tobacco/Cigarette producing Giants are at the root of it.
  2. kumar420
    More likely the guy was lying and loaded his with meth dissolved in some sort of liquid or propylene glycol in a failed effort to get high in a sneaky fashion. I can't see an online distributor selling crystal meth for the price of an e-cigarette refill, unless it was a really, really small amount in the vial. Refills here only cost like six bucks, in China its probably closer to two dollars
    Unless there is a ring of drug dealers who are trying to tap into a new market by getting kids hooked on meth by selling them dodgy e-cigs. Very unlikely, bordering on paranoia, just the kind of story the DEA and fox news would love to show the public
  3. Hey :-)
    I thought about this too. But then i could not figure why such a story would be promoted, unless to maybe support a step towards prohibition. That would be in the interest of the Tobacco Industry.
  4. Alfa
    I highly doubt this story is true.
  5. C11H15
    sounds like 'they are secretly feeding you poison! so voted for restrictive legislation'.
    However, i think that Kumar is probably right.
    'hey officer, i was sold a bong with this weird green stuff in so i accidentally smoked some, help'
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