E-cigarettes to increase odds of cessation Part 2

By Healer · Jan 10, 2015 ·
  1. Healer
    But back on topic my vapor fluid contains natural nicotine among 3-4 other ingredients such as glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycol (sometimes one the other or both) and a colorant. These do cause lung inflammation when vaporized, but so will vaporizing anything. The inflammation I've found does not last long and the air resistance lingers for approx. 20 minutes for myself personally after smoking a vapor pen 2 drags per minute for 12 minutes. I normally don't smoke it this long. Within 15 minutes almost half the inflammation was gone and I had an increase in exhaled oxygen. Within 20 minutes I was inhaling and exhaling normal amounts of oxygen. I believe once I start doing cardio the inflammation will be far less of a problem. But I don't use my vapor pen anymore.

    For the first two days of using the vapor pen I vaporized it heavily. I purposely consumed upwards of 80mg per 24 hours. This was to get over the very first realizations that I no long will smoke tobacco cigarettes. It takes a few days to get accustomed to not going out for a cigarette, or smoking socially. The best way in my opinion is to vaporize as much nicotine till you feel satisfied after giving up tobacco. For me this was about 144mg daily. For two days this is how I vaporized. I did this because naturally, I know I would automatically start smoking less as I got further into my tobacco cessation. The third day I found myself only filling up two tanks for a total of 92mg for that day. I was only wanting to smoke that much. The 4th day was the same. I smoked less frequently but still consumed 4mL, or a little less than 92mg of nicotine. on the 5th day I really didn't vaporize much. I made it 2 hours out of bed without thinking about vaporizing. I actually didn't even vape till I saw my pen and I did it mostly because I liked the taste, and wanted to try some tricks like blowing o's or french inhale, or ghost inhale, which I'm pretty good at now.

    The 5th day I vaped probably 48mg total. That should be equal to two packs of newport 100s. On the 6th day I smoked my vapor pen only once. It was to blow some more o's and tricks not because I needed a nicotine fix. I actually didn't finish the whole tank that day. I had probably 10mg left in the tank at the end of the day.

    Day 6 I took about 4 hits off the pen in the morning. I thought it'd be cool to do it infront of a mirror to see how much it looked like cigarette smoke when I exhale. It looked pretty cool I must say. Smoking is not cool! Don't do it! I had to take a valium and smoked 28mg of kief to relieve chest pains later that day after being in the ER. See my #6 journal entry in "The phenibut for daily GAD experiment" for more information. These two drugs eased my pain, but the THC sort of made me very psychotic so I went to bed.

    Its day 7. I quit for 1 week! And now im 100% off of nicotine! Because of my technique using the vapor pen method I have NO WITHDRAWAL. Its been 13 hours since I had any nicotine. I have not even thought to vape my pen today. I don't want to. I don't need to. I'm not having cravings for anything. I'm not pissed off, i'm the opposite I'm really happy and in an up-beat mood. I'm calm, collective, and are enjoying the non-inflamed lungs. This is the funny thing, because I went cold turkey from 48mg of nicotine per day. Thats over twice as much nicotine that is in two packs of Newport 100 cigarettes that were my brand. And I only smoked a pack a day. When I would go cold turkey from cigarettes I would be a mother fucker for 3 days. I would do nothing but be rude to people, yell, get pissed off at things that werent a big deal. I'd have headaches, and sleeping problems. Now I increased my nicotine intake, went cold turkey and....nothing. Funny, isnt it? What's hiding in tobacco cigarettes? Is it the ammonia treated nicotine? I think maybe. Is it some of the other 9000+ chemicals and 19 known carcinogens in cigarettes.

    A lot of people smoke cigarettes as well as vaporize. This does not mean vapor pens can not be used as a cessation device. These people clearly have not committed to quitting smoking. They lack the desire, and will to quit. They want to continue their habitual use because its their preferred thing to do when they socialize mostly. At least this is true from making observations with my friends. They all, also smoke pot than a cigarette ritually. I won't even bother trying to help them. They just shrug off and ignore the health dangers of smoking and don't really care. You can't help an addict who doesn't want it especially when it comes to cigarettes, deadly substances over time that people don't take seriously because they present no real-time danger. Till its too late.

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