eating from sheet and lovin it

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  1. Norman14
    SWIM lives in a tropical region, around June-July it is rainy season.

    SWIM and 3 friends went to the rural area where cattle lives and went on an expedition to gather magic mushrooms.

    2 of SWIM's friend were very experienced, so there was little risk in accidently eating bad shrooms.

    After gaining access to a field full of cow feces, SWIM and his friends ended up gathering about 50 total mushrooms. 6 of them were large Psylocibe cubensis, the others were a mix of white and black Psylocibe coprophila, except they all had had blue or blackish gills, some had black blue cap, so theyy were a bit diferent than those commonly grown in the USA.

    SWIM went to a rave later that night and ate 1/4 of a large cubensis and about 3 black coprophila, and 2 white stalk but black gill coprophila.
    Obviously the others ate all the large cubensis, and while SWIM and friends were in the car driving to the rave, they started feeling the effects hit. A bit too soon according to the more experienced shroomers.

    When they arrived at the rave which was in the outsides of the city. SWIM started experiencing restlessness, excitation, and lots of energy. They were all great feelings.

    SWIM related it to being on good quality cocaine and ecstacy at the same time.
    When he smoked from a joint of weed split 4 ways, his experience changed into a more euphoric trippy experience, he couldn't stay dancing he had to go sit down and enjoy his trippy euphoria, similar to euphoria from x, with mind trips similar to acid. No Visual Hallucinations though, only mild feeling that the ground was the wall and wall was the floor or ceiling.
    It was in SWIM's top 2 life experiences with drugs.
    When the effects from marijuana wore off, SWIM was alert again and ate 2 more coprophila dark cap and gills with white stalk.
    He realized he could control the direction of the experience. He went back inside and felt being on Super cocaine, High energy and social skills. And feeling of absorbing energy from the lights off the main stage where the Dj was.
    SWIM's friends , who ate most of the large cubensis and split an unrecognized by me large shroom in half( It was like large cubensis except that it had an orangy cap.)
    They did experience wild colors and hallucinations, SWIM was a bit bummed he didn't experience this.
    But feels he reached a higher level of euphoria than they did by being more time with the music, energy and people than they, who sat outside and enjoyed nature.

    SWIM will definitely try mushrooms again and somehow feels hopes he gets the same level of experience again, maybe with some nice hallucinations thrown in.

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  1. mickenator
    When swim had there first mushroom experience it was nothing like any hollucination swim had ever had, swim felt as though they could touch and feel all the visuals that were going on around them. It was so intense and enjoyable. Swim also enjoyed the build up to the night as swim and his friend left home before dawn to goto a local field were there was alot of cows and spent most of the morning picking liberty caps and then the waiting for night time to come and to be able to take what the fishes had collected.
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