ebay has just banned the sale of poppy pods

By ADDlCTlON · Jul 22, 2009 · ·
  1. ADDlCTlON
    Vedors listings are slowly getting removed. Here is wat ebay is saying: "Based on consultation with government authorities, we are removing listings of poppy pods and reviewing our policies regarding these items. Please do not relist these items."

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  1. Lectro
    E**y Bans Pods!

    Recently while Señor Bienvenido was checking on the status of an order he placed on e**y for 75 Tazzies and noticed that it had been removed from his won folder. Also two previous orders that are still tracking were removed leaving him unable to contact the seller about the items or track the packages from e**y. Upon a search of e**y he discovered that all items being sold by the sellers of the items he purchased the missing items from have been removed. In fact, last time he checked when he did a search for Dried Poppy Pod there were only 5 search results left. However this may have dwindled to 0 by now. Shortly thereafter he contacted e**y via Live Chat and was told that all items of this sort have been removed by the e**y Listing Team. He was then plainly instructed that he should dispute these transactions with Paypal. Once again it seems that Señor Bienvenido is being reamed by the man. While considering recent events Señor Bienvenido wonders if this is simply a new e**y policy or if some new Federal Law has been enacted.
  2. CrookedEye
    Re: E**y Bans Pods!

    No Federal law that SWIM is aware of makes the dried pods illegal for ornamental purposes, but ebay doesn't want to be a part of it anymore.
  3. davestate
    Re: E**y Bans Pods!

    SWIM has Emailed customer support asking this.

    SWIM will let the community know of the official response, as he has still seen poppy pods advertised, albeit sparsely, on eBay
  4. Alfa
  5. Lectro
    Illegal or Not Illegal? That is the question.

    Vivid has been purchasing the dried pods of the opium poppy for several years now and without ever a problem arising till early this morning Ebay decided to disallow the sales of the poppy pod on their site. Naturally, having been such a satisfied customer over the years I wondered what could have prompted a decision like this. I did some digging, and in doing so I have found story after story of Grower\Seller of the opium poppy pod arrested for selling the dried pods. For example this man, arrested by the DEA for selling pods on Ebay -
    Pod Seller Busted On eBay

    Federal drug agents have arrested a California man for allegedly selling opium poppy pods on eBay. Krsna Lev-Twombly, 30, was arrested at his home by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, who say they bought hundreds of pods from him last year.

    Reprinted from Fox 40 News.
    SAN FRANCISCO -- Federal drug agents have arrested a Sacramento man for allegedly selling opium poppy pods on eBay, where he described the morphine-laden pods and seeds as a decoration.
    Krsna Lev-Twombly, 30, was arrested at his home Thursday by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, who say they bought hundreds of the illegal pods from him last year.
    Lev-Twombly appeared in a federal court in Sacramento and was released on a $50,000 property bond, the U.S. Attorney's office announced Friday. Lev-Twombly is scheduled to appear in a San Jose federal courtroom Feb. 6.
    Lev-Twombly declined to comment on the case when reached at his home by The Associated Press.
    Prosecutors allege that Lev-Twombly advertised and sold the dried Papaver Somniferum poppy pods on eBay last year.
    Undercover DEA agents bought pods from Lev-Twombly twice, each time receiving a package of poppies, complete with a receipt, the U.S. Attorney's Office said. Each pod is about the size of a golf ball, and is attached to a two-foot-high stalk.
    Richard Meyer, a spokesman for the DEA, said only three of 300 species of poppy are illegal, but Lev-Twombly was selling one of the prohibited kinds.
    A San Francisco forensic scientist later confirmed that the pods contained opium poppy seeds, which in turn contained Morphine, prosecutors said.
    The chemist indicated that the pods were shipped ready to be "steeped and ingested as a controlled substance with a psychoactive effect," according to the criminal complaint.
    Kevin Pursglove, a spokesman for eBay, said the auction Web site remains vigilant in working with authorities to prevent the sales of such items online.
    "We check the site frequently for any illegal or illicit items and we remove them as fast as we find them," Pursglove said.
    In the early days of eBay, some people tried to sell marijuana on the service before they were quickly shut down, Pursglove said.
    Trying to deal drugs online through eBay "might be one of the dumbest things you can do," Pursglove added. "Everything is traceable."
    A search for opium poppy seeds on eBay's site Friday revealed sellers hawking "spectacular amazing giant opium poppy seed" and 150 "opium poppy seeds."

    I don't understand the logistics of how it is possible for the sale of dried poppy pods to be legal when the Federal government is arresting people. Can someone please help explain to me what exactly it is that I'm missing. Thanks so much.

  6. Routemaster Flash
    Re: E**y Bans Pods!

    There's always some idiot that has to ruin the fun for everyone, isn't there?

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, I mean I know a man died here, but this sort of thing happens with depressing regularity. Reasonably widely-used legal or 'semi-legal' drug that is basically safe if taken with reasonable precautions -> someone carelessly ODs or dies after a stupid drug combination -> massive crack-down, usually sparked by cry of "Why was this even legal in the first place?" from bereaved parents.

    [insert standard rant about the number of people who die from smoking/alcoholism/drink-driving each year]
  7. thebige
    It figures.....Now how is swim going to make his dried flower arrangements...

    Well they haven't shut down the net yet so,swim will just take his money elsewhere..
  8. CoryInJapan
    How do they have legit reason to arrest?
    I thought the sales of dried poppy pods for decorations were perfectly legal?

    All where in my home state to as this confuses me.
  9. cra$h
    Well, they're sayin that the pods have morphine in them (they didn't know this before?) and there's the grounds to be arrested.

    Vendors now will just have to pay for a website, slightly increasing prices and sell their product off ebay. I know if swim was a pod grower that's what he'd be doin
  10. CrookedEye
    This might not be such a bad thing.. It seems when it's too easy, too many retards can figure it out, causing an even larger problem for those intelligent enough search out a decent source. Just look at the shroom ban over in the Netherlands...

    Certainly making them slightly harder to find can discourage young people and idiots from getting a hold of them so easily and having an episode like the death of the young guy mentioned earlier in this thread and another..
  11. davestate
    The official result is in!

    Fortunately SWIM never got his off ebay...
  12. ura001
    Too bad. I'm relatively new to poppy tea but i liked it very much. But i think that there is a hope that sellers can create a web sites where they be sale dried poppies.
  13. yaba
    My dog ordered from ebay and later direct from a seller, he still sells but has problems with paypal now... Think it might be connected ? Or is it coincidence ? Not going into source discussion but think a lot of UK people who like flower arrangements with poppy pods will know the seller...

    Hope he will find another form of payments soon. LOL
  14. missparkles
    Someone died because they over ingested pod tea...so they ban it. Jesus.
    I love Krispy Kreme donuts but they make you fat, which can lead to heart attacks.
    OMG...they won't stop selling donuts will they? :(
    Horse riding killed Superman...let's just hope no one makes the damn connection or else they'll start shooting horses, won't they?;)
    To think these are the fine minds that are running the fuckin' country.
  15. Subvert
    There are a few, Mostly dealing in "flower arrangement" :crazy

    Subvert added 7 Minutes and 10 Seconds later...

    SWIM had some last week & Now they're gone...*single tear*

    There are many other sources though eBay was convenient.
    I wonder if all ethnobotanicals will get banned for sale - That would suck.
  16. morphed
    My cat about had a heart attack when she heard about this. But, her seller contacted her and all should be good, if not a tad more expensive.
  17. ura001
    Yep, sellers don't want to loose money and, as i was said before, sellers probable will create a web site that will sell pods (my seller informed me too). Problem will arise, like Subvert said, if generally dried poppies(Papaver Somniferum) will be banned as in country where i live it is illegal to grow and/or cultivate Papaver Somniferum poppies.
    Yes it's the drug war!
  18. Alfa
    It doesnt seem to be possible to discuss this topic, without breaking our rules that forbid vendor / seller discussion.
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