Economy Sized Dreams Of Hope

By darkglobe · Jan 6, 2008 · ·
  1. darkglobe
    Poncy title, eh? Thought so.

    As most of the mindless drivel spouted from the vaults of my grey (and white!) matter, this blog has no real point. Its sole purpose is to depict my life as a depressed would-be scripwriter, with a penchant for offending people and a talent for procrastinating.

    I will update this blog as and when (more importantly if) anything important/interesting happens along the way, in my quest to share my not-so-creative genius with the world.

    Ever the optimist, I created this blog in the hope that at least someone would find me mildly interesting. If you do, please subscribe to this, and ye will be enlightened... or something.

    Anyhoo - I bid you farewell for now.

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  1. fnord
    isnt that a quote from a greenday song?
  2. darkglobe
    Indeed it is! Well spotted =)
  3. seeingred
    Swim is also a would-be screenwriter. hah, swim has big plans for the future, eh, when swim gets there.

    Add swim!
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