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"Ecstacy" 100% Proven To Kill Cancer Cells

By Red_star, Oct 3, 2011 | Updated: Oct 3, 2011 | | |
  1. Red_star
    ecstasy-01.jpg Now you can add to your checklist of reasons to go to Club Space this weekend: a modified super-version of the club drug ecstasy has been “100% proven” to kill all blood related cancer cells. Back in 2006 when they started these experiments, they determined that in huge doses, ecstasy and antidepressants proved to shut down the already cancerous cells and prevent them from continuing their toxic growth. But the downside was, the doses of both would have to be in such high amounts that it would be lethal to the patient.

    Scientists at The University Of Western Australia have chemically modified ecstasy so that some atoms were taken away and replaced with others. Lead researcher Professor John Gordon, from the University of Birmingham, told the BBC: “Particularly the leukemia, the lymphoma and the melanoma, where we’ve tested these new compounds we can wipe out 100% of the cancer cells in some cases.” So now, what would normally take the amount of ecstasy to do the job and would be potentially hurt you, they can now do in 1mg. But don’t get too excited yet, because these are just test tube results. Before doctors would ever start prescribing it, it would need lengthy testing on both animals and humans before it would be mainstream.

    Last year I also wrote a story titled “About To Die? Just Get High!” which talked about how the main ingredient in magic mushrooms called psilocybin calmed even the most terrified nerves of terminal patients. So basically drugs are wonderful for you in the right circumstances. But again, according to scientists, BBC and other estimates, it could take up to 10 years until ecstasy becomes mainstream in the medical treatment world. But still, extremely good news and a huge step into fighting cancer.



  1. DivergeUnify
    FDA will shut that shit down. Why cure cancer when pharmaceuticals are making tons of money with chemo that isn't working?
  2. Red_star
    Yeah im sorry for the formatting i tried for ages to get the text next to the image but it just wouldnt work but yes, thank you for the feed back. Ive edited the article alittle to make it more readable.
    And if the FDA do that just because the unmodified version is illegal or just to make money it makes me feel sick just to know that companies like that in the medical industry are like that.
  3. Ellisdeee
    I am sort of confused when reading this article. Ecstasy is a slang name for the pills that usually contain MDMA and any number of other cut drugs but sometimes not even MDMA at all. A pill with unknown chemicals is 100% proven to kill blood related cancer cells? Do they mean MDMA? If they were certain on the study wouldn't they speak on behalf of the chemicals they used and state them, not a slang ambiguous term that could equate to numerous contained drugs?
  4. wizardman
    Another funny thing about the U.S scheduling of drugs is that most natural drugs are Schedule I which have the highest potential for abuse and those are the safest for example marijuana. Even a toad is a schedule I drug makes me laugh at the ridiculousness of this fascist state swim lives in. Marijuana also has anti cancer/cancer fighting properties and pharmaceutical companies can't patent weed unless they turn it into a pill form such as marinol. It's like wanting to make poppy tea yourself for free vs. going to the doctor and getting prescribed more dangerous meds except one act is legal and the other is not.
    Swims theory is that the scheduling of drugs came about once the United States discovered the medicinal properties of cannabis and then they placed it in the most restricted category and to this day deny that it has any medical benefits and has a high potential for abuse. Talk about a backwards world.
  5. fehs
  6. Red_star
    i think They mean MDMA, indicated by the terms they use, like slightly modified molecule, and in the UK they always refer mdma to as ecstasy for some reason :s
  7. enquirewithin
    It's not a cancer cure exactly:

  8. Alfa
  9. enquirewithin
    So MDMA will kill a certain type of cancer cells but it will kill the patient too!
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