Ecstacy Dealer Bought Kit on Ebay

By bewilderment · May 7, 2006 · ·
  1. bewilderment
    "Agents from the US Drug Enforcement Administration have raided the home of a suspected drug manufacturer after monitoring purchases of chemicals and equipment on eBay.

    The suspects are accused of trying to manufacture ecstasy, a complex chemical process that requires easily identifiable laboratory equipment and chemicals.

    A series of purchases were logged to an eBay user between July 2005 and April 2006, starting with laboratory and security equipment and "precursor chemicals" .

    Investigators got the address of the buyer from his eBay site and checked the records with the phone company before sending two trial packages to see who picked them up.

    In both cases members of the same family signed for the alias, who was described as an "uncle from Costa Rica".

    The suspect eBay account was opened in July 2005 and the buyer has a perfect feedback rating; sellers describe 'dinero9760' as an "awesome customer" and " always a pleasure".

    Many governments have watch-lists of the equipment needed to process certain chemicals. This includes drug agencies and police investigating terrorism and organised crime."


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  1. grandbaby
    No need to be paranoid; they couldn't possibly be watching you.

  2. old hippie 56
    It is a difference between being paranoid and careful. Assume that you are being spied on and watch your p's and q's..
  3. Pinkavvy
    Anybody who buy's anything other than gag gifts and toilet paper off of ebay is stupid.
  4. Forthesevenlakes
    swim once worked in a corporate record store where the "loss prevention" employees told him about how they tracked down a manager that was stealing cds and auctioning them off. all they had to do was search for the cds missing in the inventory, and notice that several of them were coming from the same seller. with very little effort, this individual was fired, and this was done by people with no formal law enforcement training! so it pays to use caution, the internet isnt is as anonymous as any of us would like to believe.
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