Ecstasy Death - Dangerous Pill?

By namooP · Apr 22, 2007 · Updated Nov 12, 2010 · ·
  1. namooP
    A woman has died in Hampshire after taking ecstasy.

    Dawn Rennie, 37, of Woodlands Way, Bursledon, died at Southampton General Hospital on Saturday after taking a tablet the previous night.

    Police have warned people to be wary of tablets described as round and white with an image of two cherries hanging from two leaves.

    A 51-year-old Bursledon man was arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs and has been released on bail.

    Detective Inspector Linda Howard said: "These tablets should be treated with extreme caution.

    "We are awaiting chemical analysis of the tablets, but people should exercise extreme care."

    Found limp

    The reverse side of the tablet is plain with a line through the centre.

    The woman, who has not been identified, took ecstasy at about 2300 BST on Friday, police said. By 0100 BST she was vomiting.

    She was found limp at 0400 and was taken to hospital where she died at 0600 BST.

    Sunday, 22 April 2007

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  1. kumar
    Very Sad. They didnt mention how she died! May not have been due to the pill itself. One believes if a certain type of pill is deadly then there would be more then the one death due to the amount of people in which would have purchase that particular ecstasy. Maybe a one of pill? Im thinking it may have been a physical condition the women may have had that caused the death. Again very very sad.
  2. Peace Frog
    None of them mentioned the fact that it was the pill that killed any of those victims, nor did anyone mention any problems they might have had, OR any other substances that they may have consumed previous or after taking the E.
  3. grandbaby
    Also that the woman "died after taking ecstasy", not that she "died after taking 'ecstasy'", if you get the distinction. The media rarely makes a distinction between MDMA and the loads of crap that are nowadays often passed off as such.
  4. radiometer
    So, are they saying that people do not need to exercise caution when taking other 'ecstasy' pills?
  5. Nargyle
    It's really indignating that they wouldn't make the results from the chemical analysis public, it's like the police nor the government really care about people knowing just how dangerous adulterated pills can be!!! his makes SWIM extremely mad!!!!
  6. Nagognog2
    They'd like nothing better than to declare it was pure MDMA which is abbreviated PMA manufactured by terrorists to support the downfall of GOD and country! Or some such total nonesense. For all we'll ever know she could have been run over by a train in Surrey.
  7. Swimster
    Yea, hope no-one gets discouraged about X upon this.
    I mean, sure exersise cation, due to impurity, but
    disscouragement propaganda bullshit is way over the top.

    If you talk to a youngster in school, or an average
    drug-free son, all theyl tell you is- "drugs is bad, drugs is bad".

    The government is manipulating all the death situations, in
    that every drug-related death is looked upon as the cause
    of death when it's really because of Overdoses and missuse,
    or unknown adulteration of substances.
  8. namooP
    Jesus you people jump to some conclusions. Propaganda? What? Did you even read the article? The fact is this woman took an ecstasy pill and died. What did the police do? The intelligent thing - describe the tablet as further tests are carried out, warning people that it could be dangerous. Police know people are taking ecstasy anyway but they are not concerned with that right now. Whats important is people know that these pills could be seriously contaminated. You are really plucking at straws when you say the media should have seid \"ecstasy\" instead of ecstasy. They are the same word! If they had said MDMA you would have a point, now your just being paranoid. The entire media isnt out to get you. And of course they didnt say what problems she had or what else she took. The article is from the day after it happened. Nor did they saw the pill killed her. It said she died after taking a pill. Which she did. Everybody take a deep breath. I am sure the test results and any other relevant information will be made available in due course.
  9. Nargyle
    You do have a point there Namoop, the problem is that this is not the first time something like this happens and we can't help but jump to conclusions by remembering how the previous cases have been handled, why should this time be any different than all the previous cases?
  10. namooP
    The media has its issues (as someone demonstrated to me in a thread dealing with that issue), but it makes us look like rowdy children to attack moderate pieces of journalism when we come across it, just for the sake of fighting \"the Man\". People will treat us more seriously if we deal with things in a rational light.
  11. Swimster
    No joke! It's not like this would be a random alligation or something. youth's believe
    harshly in propaganda, in that they believe everyone who touches "illicit" substances
    will be addicted, or something similar. They don't just look at research, hell they don't
    believe they have to.

    ...But.. Let's try to get back on to topic here now..

    If the government has any real brains, then they will inform us of the OBVIOUS impurities
    of the Tablet! Istead they possibly won't. I guess we will have to see.
  12. Nagognog2
    Lighten up, namooP. We're just expressing dissatisfaction with the police and tabloid media that passes for news in the UK. Now back to the train: Do you think she fell on the tracks in Surrey? Or was she pushed by Rupert Murdoch? I think he slipped her some Ecstasy and pushed her in front of the Local...
  13. Nacumen
    The journalist could've at least said that the ecstasy was 'possibly adulterated with another substance other than traditional MDMA' or something along those lines.

    The problem is, the average reader probably believes that there is only one 'active ingredient' in ecstasy, but the journalist does not clarify this.

    Instead, the journalist communicated to the average reader that ecstasy killed this person - and that therefore any and all forms of ecstasy could be fatal when taken - even though this was not actually written.

    This article is a good example of either propaganda 101 or very poor journalism.
  14. Swimster
    ^^ Atleast! indeed. Like has been pointed out MANY times,
    is how purity of ECSTACY is never pointed out. Same with
    similar problem substances!
  15. stoneinfocus
    Three recreartonal/amateur marathonisti died in the berlin marathon some years ago.... be careful, don´t run marathons or sportive extreme competition, until you know for sure you won´t die of a heart-attack.Remeber heart-attacks are so uncommon as a reason for dying. *lol*

    Well, sport is just going to get a bad reputation, for the rest of the majority getting fat and lazy and did you know that some of the sportsmen take
    stuff that enhances performance? -(which really works unlike my diets and my sport schedule that´s hanging on the fridge) -so proud of my land, politics took action and have signed a anti-doping law right away, to clean society from ths awful desease -and did you know, that soccer is the most honest sport, because you don´t need doping you just need to shoot a goal?
  16. Swimster
    Actually hyper-activity, while on MDMA, and a-like substances can be risky,
    do to dehydration! One should Dwink, lot's of water! (serotonin goes all crazy while on MDMA)(<
  17. namooP
    Possibly adulterated? They did say that, when they said it was going for \"chemical analysis\". They further emphasis the fact that that it probably wasnt 100% MDMA when they say they are awaiting chemical analysis, and people should treat these pills with care (in the meantime). Read as: If they chemical analysis comes back clear, then munch on. People believe that there is only one active ingredient of ecstasy? What about the propaganda saying there is rat poison, sarin or maybe Al Quaeda in most ecstasy pills? I think this is either Journalism 101 or very poor propaganda. In fact, I think the journalist went out of his way not to say that ecstasy killed this woman. Read the article again. She died after taking ecstasy. Which she did. I think we can all agree that ecstasy was very likely a catalyst in her death, be it in conjunction with a medical condition/ adverse reastion/ mixed drugs. But we inferred this. I know the media has its faults, but this struck me as an especially fair piece.
  18. Micklemouse
    One should not drink lots of water at all - one should drink enough to stay hydrated (approx ½ litre an hour). Much more & one risks hyponatraemia (sodium depletion) & water intoxication (as in toxicity) which is a major killer in Ecstasy related deaths. Look up Leah Betts. Also, what has water got to do with Serotonin?
  19. Nacumen
    "\"These tablets should be treated with extreme caution. \"We are awaiting chemical analysis of the tablets, but people should exercise extreme care.\""

    To the average person, this means very little, if anything. Chemical analysis of what? Does the average person know what a chemical analysis of ecstasy will entail? Are we sure that we do? Chemical analysis determining whether MDMA was the only active substance in the pill? Chemical analysis determining how potent the ecstasy was? Any or all of the above? We don't know, because these details were not given.

    The average person does not know that ecstasy is a drug that varies in contents. The journalist failed to remind the reader that the pill may have been adulterated with a substance other than traditional MDMA. That is my viewpoint and for the time being I am standing to it.

    This article is neutral in the aspect that it does not obviously take a side. But it is written is such a way that the average reader comes away from the story thinking that ecstasy probably killed yet another person.

    If the journalist is going to scare the public by alerting them about a possible death due to ecstasy use, it is his responsibility to remind the public that the pill may have been adulterated with something other than what is traditionally contained in an ecstasy pill, i.e., something that should not be considered to engender ecstasy at all.

    "A woman ... died after taking ecstasy"? Come on. Sure, technically that doesn't necessarily mean that ecstasy killed her. But what do you think that communicates?
  20. namooP
    That esctasy probably killed her. Which, you have to agree, it probably did. Which the journalist rightly infers. In my mind, the two references to chemical analysis, coupled with their context ("waiting for chemical analysis but people should exercise extreme care" - "people should treat these tablets with extreme caution". Not MDMA or ecstasy, but these pills - plus they describe the pills in question in detail) make in blatently obvious that there is something out of the ordinary with these pills. Meanwhile, its still a real possibility that it was the MDMA that killed her. In which case, it would have been foolish to openly blame adulterants. Also, look at the lenght of the article. Its a side-note. If the journalist wants to inform the public on the stste of ecstasy in the world today, hes going to need a little more space.
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