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    View attachment 31111 View attachment 31112 A deadly batch of super-strength ecstasy known as ‘Dr Death’ is suspected to be behind a spate of tragic deaths among young partygoers.

    Five people have died in the last month – three last weekend just hours after they apparently took the drug.

    The first was 20-year-old Charlotte Woodiwiss, a promising student in the final year of an art degree.
    Her body was found on December 22 in a flat in the picture-postcard town of Chapel-en-le-Frith in Derbyshire. As her funeral was held there yesterday, tributes from friends were piling up on a Facebook tribute page.

    Beside them was an emotional message from Charlotte’s uncle, warning teenagers of the perils of taking illegal party drugs.

    Dr Death, often shaped like Love Hearts sweets and also called Pink Ecstasy, has the chemical name PMMA. It is thought to be behind a wave of hospital admissions with nine people being rushed in for treatment in the last week.

    It is sold to clubbers for as little as £3 a pill and dealers claim it offers a similar high to ecstasy (MDMA) but it is around five times as strong and causes a dangerous rise in body temperature.

    The effects also take longer to act than ecstasy causing some users to take pill after pill, leading to fatal doses.

    Earlier this month PMMA was linked to the deaths of eight revellers in Canada and there have been other deaths in Eire, Norway and Denmark.

    The five suspected UK victims – Charlotte and four men – all died within a 60-mile radius in Manchester, Liverpool and Derbyshire. Charlotte was a student at Macclesfield College in Cheshire.

    On her Facebook page, 40-year-old Matt Woodiwiss wrote: ‘I’m Charlotte’s uncle and am absolutely devastated by my family’s loss. Our beautiful girl gone far too early. I am heartened by the fact that so many of you have commented but let this tragic sequence of events teach you a few things.

    ‘Think long and hard about how you live your lives, about which group of people you hang about with and about who influences you.

    It’s all very well writing a few “nice” things on a FB wall but if you carry on living your lives as so many of you are then – as much as it seems like a laugh at the moment – you are running the risk of your families being torn apart with grief like mine is.

    ‘So, by all means quote the poems and write the testimonials, but don’t let our little girl’s tragic death be in vain. Some of you have the chance to be shining stars whilst still here, and believe me that is far better than being one in death.

    ‘So remember Charlotte with happiness, remember her vitality, carry on loving her as some of you did, and most of all learn from this as that is the best testament that you can give to my beautiful niece.’

    The second victim was 18-year-old Dale Yates, who died in a flat in the neighbouring town of Buxton on December 23.

    His father Lawrence Beever, 40, said: ‘So many kids take these recreational drugs but they just don’t know what’s in them. They go out to parties, they see their friends taking them, so they have some too, and they don’t realise they’re playing Russian roulette. These pills are deadly, and whoever made them needs to be caught and locked up.’

    Mr Beever, who is separated from Dale’s mother, Carol, said his son was ‘just a really lovely, likeable lad’ who hoped to follow him into the offshore oil and gas industry.

    In the wake of the deaths, police made 11 arrests in a series of raids in Derbyshire and warned recreational users of the dangers of using Pink Ecstasy.

    Then last weekend three men died after taking similar drugs within the space of 24 hours. Gareth Ashton, 28, a plasterer from Wigan, suffered an adverse reaction after he apparently took the drug and began sweating profusely.

    He went out into his girlfriend’s freezing garden to cool down and collapsed from a massive heart attack.

    Paramedics were called and he was taken to hospital but suffered another heart attack and died later the same night.

    His girlfriend, Catherine Fulton, 29, revealed that their ten-day-old daughter, Millie Mai, had died of a chest infection a year ago. She said: ‘It was the one year anniversary since her death on January 16 and then four days later Gareth had gone too.

    Christmas was hard because it was without Millie and we should have had her there. But Gareth was my rock and I wouldn’t have been able to get over her death without Gareth.

    This has come as a massive shock not least because he wasn’t a drug abuser. I’d tell other people just not to do drugs.

    It ruins the people who are left behind and we have to pick up the pieces. I want this to make people think twice and I hope this opens their eyes to other people’s grief.’

    Jordan Chambers, 19, also from Wigan, became the second fatality of the weekend after taking the lethal drug .

    A 26-year-old football fan from Glasgow, whose name has not been released, also died on Sunday after collapsing at a guesthouse in Liverpool having taken the ecstasy style drug following a football match at Anfield.

    Yesterday police in Greater Manchester confirmed that toxicology tests were taking place and that they are liaising with other forces. They have arrested two men, aged 33 and 34, on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug.

    22nd January 2013, By Jaya Narain, James Tozer And Nazia Parveen


  1. SIR KIT
    I just could never fathom why anyone would manufacture pmma pills with all the negative info on the internet. I remember the Mitsubishi tabs like 10 years ago with pmma that killed a few people. This pmma stuff is no joke, it is beyond just being a "dangerous drug", shit is straight up evil.
  2. Routemaster Flash
    Absolutely typical reporting by the Daily Fail. This isn't "super-strength" ecstasy, it's a different compound altogether. If people got fucked up by drinking bootleg alcohol contaminated with methanol, it's not just unusually "strong" booze, is it?
  3. Routemaster Flash
    And you know the Mail and people who read it will think this is a great argument for cracking down harder than ever on ecstasy and resisting any moves to downgrade it - completely missing the point that it is only because the stuff is illegal in the first place that tragedies like this occur.
  4. AlteredEnthusiasm
    unfortunately things like this are unavoidable when people don't know what they are taking. I see it all the time at university, guys looking to buy "ecstasy" and not using test kits or any knowledge to determine what is in them. Dr. Death isn't even MDMA (usually although I doubt any of these people tested their pills) it is most often para-methoxyamphetamine which has a much sharper change from a "fun" dose to a problematic dose. If the government would educate people about drugs (especially psychedelics) instead of just saying "don't do them" and refusing to acknowledge safe ways to enjoy the mind expanding effects of these substances then this would occur far less and there would be a significant drop in unnecessary loss of life.
  5. drwhooo
    Very sad... glad I was in the rave scene in the 90's when shit was legit. I hear all kinds of crazy stories now days. Stay safe kids.
  6. madchicken
    There is something more about that PMMA production in pills. Is just somebody buying PMMA straight from cookers and then mix em and press and sell, where is the logic ? Deaths will occur.
  7. hookedonem
    I left a thread in the ecstasy sub-forum the other day warning people of a contaminated batch of ecstasy circulating around the south coast of England.
    For some strange reason the mods saw fit to remove the potentially life saving thread.
  8. BitterSweet
    This is a very good thread and article posted. Back in the day I used to take a lot of ecstasy, and so did the people I hung around with, and although we knew it was illegal, no one ever really worried about what was in it. To us, common sense would be to not put things that could kill people, and at best replace the desired substances with things like caffeine and just producing low-quality batches. There needs to be more widespread education about the dangers of ecstasy (like a truly informative knowledge base about what can be found in ecstasy tablets, etc.). I also agree in one of the comments about teaching how to use recreational drugs safely. Having one of those kits that help you identify what may be in the pills could be extremely helpful if people used them.

    I didn't know what the substance is that this article is talking about, so I looked it up. Here is a brief description of it, which I've found from wikipedia but have summarized. I found it interesting that there were a number of deaths in 2010, meaning these are not new and isolated cases. If this drug isn't already in one of the wikis on DF, it could be a good one to now include, or at least in the section on ecstasy, if not already there.

    PMMA is para-methoxy-N-methylamphetamine, can also be known as 4-MMA. It is a stimulant and psychadelic drug closely related to the amphetamine-class PMA (para-methoxyamphetamine). Not much is known about its pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity but because of its similarity to PMA which causes toxicity in humans, it's thought to have considerable potential in causing harmful side effects or death in overdose. A number of deaths of users taking ecstasy in 2010 were linked to misrepresented tablets.

    The drug usually causes severe hyperthermia at low doses, and at higher doses side effects and risk of death are similar to PMA. It causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate at doses greater than 100 mg but no psychoactive effects as these levels.
  9. Routemaster Flash
    Are you aware of this site: http://www.ecstasydata.org/ ?

    Photo ID of millions of different kinds of pills and chemical analysis of their contents. It's mainly data from the US but there are other websites with more international reach. Dunno how widely known these sites are but I know of people who've used them independently of me.

    Of course, even if you have a pill that appears to match one on that website perfectly, you can't guarantee that it's from the same batch because good pills are often imitated with poorer quality ones. OTOH if you suspect a pill and find an identical-looking one with a bad profile, it could be a good indicator not to take it.

    I don't think it has a forum so I hope the link is cool with the mods.
  10. hookedonem
    For anyone who is interested, I strongly recommend nobody to use blue dollar sign type ecstasy tablets if they are living in the South coast of the U.K.
    It was`nt a full blue but a faded blue and the pills seemed to be slightly thicker in depth than your average pill.
    After taking, I had an awful experience which lasted, two to three days where I thought, I was going to die.
    I will never take an ecstasy tablet again, unless perhaps if I had the relevant testing equipment.
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