Ecstasy Network Broken - 5 arrested in Singapore

By Terrapinzflyer · Sep 8, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Police Nab Five Males For Processing And Distributing Drugs

    JOHOR BAHARU, Sept 17 (Bernama) -- Police busted a syndicate that processed and distributed drugs when they arrested five men, including a Singaporean, in four raids in this city lasting from Tuesday till last Friday.

    Johor chief police officer Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said police recovered various types of drugs, cash and vehicles all worth about RM1 million in the four raids on four houses in Jalan Kebun Teh, Pangsapuri Skudai Villa, Taman Universiti and Pangsapuri Kip Park.

    "The drugs seized were 4.53kg of heroin, 6.51kg believed to be of the drug ecstasy, 3,744 pills of ecstasy and 240 grammes of 'syabu'. We also found various processing equipment," he told reporters at the Johor police contingent headquarters here today.

    Mohd Mokhtar said the cash seized were RM53,950, S$17,000 and Indonesian Rupiah 7.9million while the vehicles were two cars and a motorcycle.

    He said the success of busting the syndicate was due to police arresting a Singaporean and a local man in Jalan Kebun Teh on Tuesday before arresting three men and seizing various types of drugs in follow-up raids.

    According to Mohd Mokhtar the syndicate marketed the drugs around this city, Batam and Tanjung Balai in Indonesia as well as Singapore.

    He said the syndicate began operating since October last year.

    All the men aged between 36 and 53 years had criminal records related to drugs and were remanded for investigation.


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  1. chinpokomaster
    There's someone in the world actually still making ecstasy? I thought it was all chalk these days?
  2. Nature Boy


    [Open rant]

    There's still good ecstasy around but not in the UK & Ireland where it went through that massive boom in the early 90's. Germany and the Netherlands, South-East Asia, Australia and parts of the US is where it's at now. Seems all that's around here these days are filthy bags of crushed up meth or speed (sold as "MDMA"), MDA, MMDA, scary mephedrone, mixed down cocaine and 2-c's if you're extremely lucky (although most gullible plebs expect these to be ecstasy). "Ecstasy" is often BZP or a disappointing legal substance (caffeine or guarana), ripped out of the packaging and resold giving the illusion of potency. Most supposed LSD tabs are salty-tasting DOB so trips too are being fucked around with and even these are hard to locate.

    It's a shite state of affairs. Many headshops have given up on selling drugs thanks to nanny state pressure and have relabelled themselves as "alternative lifestyle" stores that sell all of the crappy nonsense associated with crusty hippies minus the actual fun stuff. Crystal monkey skulls, past-life remission and pole dancing lessons. No thanks. So good luck finding mescaline cactus. Salvia anyone? Urgh! (Interesting but no fun)

    SWIM can't even remember the last time he encountered a good party drug or a decent psychedelic. Ketamine was the only thing that came close but it's not very social and it isn't something you should use too regularly. He's holding out hope that he can find a good spot for Liberty Caps and stock up for winter. He doesn't even party anymore thanks to the downfall of drug quality. Just sits around smoking substandard weed and pissy beer feeling like a 43 year-old when he's only 23. Good alcohol (wines, whiskeys, credible brews) is too expensive because the government are on some sort of paradoxical mission to ensure that people keep drinking cheap crap whilst also blaming it for all our problems. Those dole payments are being spent on cans. The cost of living doesn't match the minimum wage and even though there are no jobs around, there's no incentive to work. Off-licenses close at 10pm and a pint costs nearly a fiver!! The occasional bag of decent bud appears but is snapped up by some unappreciative bastard who probably doesn't inhale before the connoissuers can stock up. Some pink shirt-wearing closet ass-bandit who decides to smoke weed once a year to impress his buddies.

    SWIM's a little bit pissed off because there's a major weed drought going on at the moment. He just wants to kick back and watch Battlestar Galactica (which he hasn't seen yet) but can't face all those hours just sitting in his room sober as a judge. Last night he couldn't get to sleep until 8am. He's even considered delving into opiates but you can't even CWE ibuprofen/codeine pills anymore. Fuck delving into street heroin and other pharma-opiates are unheard of here. Benzos are crap on their own. Needless to say, the situation is poor right now. The only consolation is that it couldn't possibly get any worse. :s

    Oh please Jebus, deliver SWIM a big bag of white widow, an affordable bottle of scotch, DMT and a real bag of MDMA. Some naked dancing ladies would be nice too. Come to think of it, why hasn't the government banned sex yet? We don't see the sun much and everyone's getting fat and desperate so it wouldn't be too much of a loss. I guess they've scared people sufficiently by not legalising the termination of ant-sized embryos yet. Condoms cost an arm and a leg. What a great age to live in. Recession, shit drugs, Lady Gaga on the radio and unwanted pregnancies all over the place.
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