Ecstasy pill named in honour of MP

By hh339 · Jul 10, 2006 · ·
  1. hh339
    By Bryan Littlely

    July 10, 2006

    AN ECSTASY pill named in honour of South Australian Democrats MP Sandra Kanck is being produced and should be at rave parties soon, a widespread email claims.
    Sent from a hotmail address under the title of Not Happy Kanck, the email claims the Skanck-E ecstasy pill will be sold throughout the remainder of the winter rave season.

    The email claims the new ecstasy tablet follows Ms Kanck's comments in Parliament about the drug not being dangerous and her attendance at a city rave party at which police seized 500 drug deals and arrested four men, some with bikie links.

    The email claims that: "Underground sources have confirmed that an Australian ecstasy producer is so happy with the SA Democrats Sandra Kanck's endorsement of their product that they are producing a pill in her honour".

    It says the "SK" will be released in time for the winter rave season.

    "The producers of the SK would like to make it clear that this new pill was inspired by the glowing parliamentary endorsement delivered in the South Australian Parliament by Sandra Kanck. Therefore the new pill will be commonly called the Skanck-E.

    "The pure MDMA pill is guaranteed not to contain methamphetamine and will be undetectable by the new roadside drug tests."

    There is speculation the email is a hoax and that its circulation may be politically motivated.

    Ms Kanck, who also has called for legal pill testing trials to minimise harm among users, could not be contacted for comment last night.

    Despite dozens of pills produced in recent years being tagged with trendy brand names, including Red Mitsubishi and Calvin Klein, prominent drug test campaigner Dr David Caldicott said he was confident the email was a joke.

    "I don't think that's really the style of producers. It would surprise me enormously if there was any truth to this," he said.

    Dr Caldicott said he would apply to the Health Department for a pill testing licence for December's Summer Enchanted Rave.

    Substance Abuse Minister Gail Gago, however, made it clear the State Government would not endorse the testing of drugs.,10117,19736878-421,00.html

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  1. delerious d
    Cool, pitty swim wont be able to try those pills
  2. BackToBasics
    That'd be really quite funny if it was true, although a pill by that name wouldnt go too well in England as skanky (skanck-e) means shit! :)
  3. Nagognog2
    There was an all-black tablet of LSD back in 1967 or 8. It was called LBJ (for the then US-president). It was advertised as:"Guaranteed to be a bummer."
  4. Alfa
    What a bullshit. Would take a damn good press to put the text 'Skanck-E' on a tab.
    If I where a ecstasy producer in Australia, I'd be checking out which politician benefits the most from such email and I'd be pressing a tab with that name in it. 'Gago' would be short enough to press in a tab.
  5. allyourbase
    another case where drug manufacturers are spreading the noteriety of those with reasonable views on drugs for the betterment of the established prohibition. BOYCOT BITCHES.
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