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  1. chillinwill
    A potentially deadly substitute for ecstasy will be banned on Wednesday, it has been revealed.

    BZP can also cause seizures and vomiting and had been used as a replacement for ecstasy. It will become an illegal Class C drug and dealers could face 14 years in prison. Anyone possessing it could be locked up for two years.

    This year police seized more than three quarters of a million suspected ecstasy tablets which turned out to be BZP.

    Detective Inspector Andy Dunlop said: "We now believe this drug had replaced ecstasy in terms of availability and because it was legal. But its classification is about to change.

    "Selling or possessing this drug will be a criminal offence which could lead to a jail sentence."

    He said taking the drug can result in rare cases in serotonin sydrome (an adverse drug reaction) which can cause death.

    A spokesman for the Public Health Agency (PHA) said significant effort had been put into raising awareness, particularly among parents, of the risks and community organisations had been given funding.

    "The PHA is aware of increasing concern around a wide range of so-called 'legal high' drugs that are apparently available across Northern Ireland," he said.

    "However, the agency welcomes the imminent proscription of the substance BZP which was announced by government earlier this year, as this new measure will contribute further to protecting people from harm."

    December 21, 2009
    Associated Press


  1. Nnizzle
    Tyrosine containing foods and herbal and pharmaceutical medications can cause serotonin syndrome in rare cases too, as well as countless other combinations due to polypharmacy AS A RESULT OF SLOPPY MEDICAL WORK... why don't we outlaw cheese. This is such bullshit. Fortunately it will be more difficult to adulterate or pass off BZP as MDMA, but, like when MDMA became more difficult to produce, dealers will have to look for a cheaper and potentially more dangerous substitute, because UNfortunately, most don't care what's in their pills if people are buying them. Why are they only banning BZP, what about TFMPP and mCPP? The thead Alfa created here cites mCPP as an adulterant in 50% of "MDMA" pills. Oh I know... its because mCPP IS A PRECURSOR FOR THE SYNTHESIS OF SOME ANTIDEPRESSANTS. So big pharma can keep the dangerous drugs so they can sell them to the people to combat depression, but we can't have any to try our own, much more self-aware and safer self-medication? When is it going to fucking end, I ask.
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    Turtle doesn't know whether to be happy of sad about those numbers :s
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