Ecstasy user stark warning

By Synesthesiac · Feb 13, 2009 · ·
  1. Synesthesiac
    A clip from the BBC. They obviously wanted to find an example of how dangerous MDMA can be due to the recent debate, and this is the best they could do. Apparently she took half an ecstasy pill and felt really bad. "But it wasn't until several months later that the full damage became obvious. She collapsed and was taken straight to hospital." I think she had to get a liver transplant.

    "A Kent girl who almost died after taking an ecstasy pill has spoken out against recommendations to reclassify ecstasy from a Class A to a Class B drug."

    Is there any chance at all that MDMA can cause sudden damage to someone months after they take it? Did she even take MDMA? I highly doubt the pill, whatever it was, was anything to do with her collapsing. My two cents: She is a typical teenager that was drinking heavily and she may have had a weak liver or a totally unrelated condition, this is what caused it.

    This is absolutely diabolical news reporting. Shame on you BBC :thumbsdown:

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  1. Sven99
    That is some shockingly bad reporting. Notice the distinct lack of medical blurb linking the lady's liver failure to ecstacy. I'm hugely disappointed.

    I also note that the campaigner thinks people smoke cannnabis because its low class, and that she thinks ecstacy's class A status stops people from taking it - but it didn't stop her.
  2. comrade_christophe
    her first point about not knowing what can be cut into the pill, is a reason to legalize and regulate. so we do know what is in the pill...

    i also dont buy that 1/2 a pill could do that kind of liver damage months down the road
  3. cannabis-sam
    That girl is thick as shit, it's obvious she has no good understanding of the issue.

    I'm glad danny kushlick from transform was interviewed. But that link wasn't even proven, what a fucking idiot. Very bad reporting.
  4. entheogensmurf
    Does anyone have sarah phillips's email address?
  5. papel
    What a Stupid fat bitch!!! yes 1/2 pill did it to her yes yes jsut dumb people to believe on that. when i used to take Pill i use to take around 30-35 a week, i stopped taking them as i dont link the trip anylonger not because it nearly killed me and i still the same person as i was with my Master degree in Architecture!!! Fuck this fat bitch!!! i am sure what caused it was something else!!!

    I can take as many Ecstazy i want and know my body will support and i will remember everything but if i drink alcohol and get drunk i dont remember a shit!!! Alcohol and cigarrents are more dangerous then Ecstazy!!!
  6. Don't fear the Reaper

    "Lots of people these days do cannabis because they think "Ah it's not a high class drug so we can do that" "

    People don't care about the class... they use it for the effects. This is bullshit reporting..seriously.

    "As soon as ecstacy is downgraded they'll be like "Oh yeah we can do that now coz that'll be fine"... and there will just be so many more deaths and *Obviously* liver transplants like i've been through"

    Worst biased reporting ever :(

    And what the hell happened to her? Did she have some sort of pre-existing medical condition which caused a reaction or what? I'm sure eating peanuts can cause some pretty bad effects too, maybe not that severe but does it mean we should ban peanuts because of a small few?
  7. Mona Lisa
    More likely just a crappo pill, babes.:s
  8. enquirewithin
    If she went into hospital several months later what is the connection between the 'ecstasy' (which is not a drug anyway,but a pill which might contain anything). Was she a chronic alcoholic or someone with a congenitally bad liver. The ingestion of half a pill a as the cause of her condition a few months back is just the opinion of someone who sounds semi literate and certainly knows nothing about drugs. But the 'government agrees with Sarah" not scientists and so, apparently, does the BBC.

    This is lesson for Brits in particlular in the low level of the reporting of the BBC-- they told us Saddam Hussein had WMD too.. The BBC is largest news service in the world-- worrying isn't it?
  9. cannabis-sam
    yeah, yeah for all you people bitching about biased reporting, may I point out Danny Kushlich from TRANSFORM was interviewed saying drugs should be legalized, is that not giving both sides of the story? and giving balance to reporting? yeah the link is bullshit and that girl is obviously thick as shit, as any semi intelligent person can probably see Kushlich was far more articulate and gave the intelligent argument which anybody with half a braincell can tell is a far smarter point.

    Yeah the media is biast when it comes do drugs, but in this particular report is at least balanced. Notice a lot of articles don't give the pro and anti sides they just give the prohibitionist/anti drugs group view and some interviewees who were 'negatively' effected and use this unscientific anecdotal evidence like in this report but without balancing it.
  10. dr. swim
    Not only is it schedule I, it's by far the most widely demonized and propagandized substance of all time. The effects are mentally more intense than cocaine, painkillers, speed, tobacco, and alcohol. Yeah....definitely not high class at all....
  11. enquirewithin
    This report is not very balanced at all. The headline itself announces this report as firmly against drugs. A truly balanced new service would not even have bothered with this story. Just because the BBC is not as bad as The Sun or The Telegraph does not mean it's balanced. It's owned by the government and when it tries to be fair (as in he case of Blair's lies over Iraq, which cost many lives) it was punished. Don't be decieved by token 'balance.'
  12. buzzman
    Watching that made me very angry. Ecstasy did not do that to her, it was obviously whatever other shit was in that pill, or not the pill at all. She clearly brought the product off someone she did not know (because she was on holiday).

    The law and her stupidity put her in hospital.

    Trustworthy suppliers and pure products....
  13. damo86
    SWIM's first class A was an E, he became a home town legend due to the fact that he could down 20 on a friday and another 25 the following day. Granted the pills in his area are about the standard crappy strength we've all come to expext from E's but not once ever did he have any ill effect from this excessive use of them. I admit that now he's stopped his mental capacity has fallen slightly but no-one can tell apart from him. Damage caused by Ecstacy is something that shows up along time after you've taken them but collapsing and needing a transplant... please.... this girl is talking shit she either had something she thought was an E but wasn't or had a drug habit she neglected to mention when the camera was pointing at her........
  14. Eivissa
    swim's ????????????????????????????????????
  15. enquirewithin
    ^Someone Who Isn't Me (nothing to do with water). It's part of the rules not to self-incriminate.
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