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Ecstasy warning to clubbers

By jon-q, Aug 3, 2011 | | |
  1. jon-q
    CLUBBERS in Wigan have been warned about ‘super-strength’ ecstasy pills which are flooding onto the streets and putting lives at risk.

    Vast numbers of tablets seized this year have contained MDMA, the stronger chemical first used to make the drug in the late 1980s.

    Almost all of the pills sold by dealers as ecstasy in recent years have mainly contained amphetamines, caffeine and other stimulants.

    There are now growing concerns that ecstasy users in Wigan are unaware of the increased dangers of the drug, after police confiscated more than 2,000 pills in the borough in the last three years.

    Council chiefs today urged party-goers in Wigan to avoid illicit substances, and admitted the contents of illegal drugs are often never fully known.

    Wigan Council’s head of Safer, Cleaner, Greener Neighbourhoods, Sally Wolstencroft said: “We would always be concerned about people using ecstasy in clubs and equally concerned about the possibility of stronger chemicals in them because this increases the risk.

    “As with all illicit drugs, you can never be completely sure of exactly what is in them, so we advise against using any illegal substance.

    “In line with national practises we would raise awareness of such issues through national and local publications, and through direct contact with those who may be at risk in our town centre.”

    Officers confiscated 1,950 ecstasy tablets in Wigan between April and December last year. Only two tablets were seized in 2009/10, compared with 117 tablets in 2008/09.

    Drug charities say the main danger for ecstasy users is ending up in A&E with heatstroke, with this risk increasing with the amount of MDMA contained in the drug. Ecstasy users who drink too much water on a night out are also vulnerable to a condition called hyponatremia, or water intoxication.

    As a result, the level of salt in the body is diluted to a dangerous level which has proven fatal in rare cases.

    Forensic drug experts say it’s difficult to pin down why the make-up of ecstasy tablets has changed recently.

    Some think it reflects an increase in the availability of the base chemicals used to make the drug.

    Others think the growth of new compounds like mephedrone has forced dealers to offer a stronger alternative.

    Anyone with concerns about drug use should contact the 24-hour helpline 0800 389 4464 or go online at www.talktofrank.com

    Wigan Today 2nd Aug 2011


  1. RedBaron
    Ecstasy appears to be a right sketchy drug these days. I hope more people are starting to realize that it sure isn't worth the risk. Unless of course testing kits are available to test its legitimacy.
  2. jon-q
    It seems an age ago when Prof Nutt proclaimed that horse riding was more dangerous than taking Ecstasy, that statement didn’t fit with the current politics towards drug classification and now it seems that making Ecstasy pills that actually contain, wait for it, MDMA is in fact a crime within a crime.

    These supposed super strength pills probably contain 200-250mg of MDMA, which is likely to be of a similar strength when the pills originally burst on to the scene back in the late 80’s.
    Back then it was common sense to do half a pill, wait a wee while, and then do the other half.

    Law enforcement has played its part in this mess, that’s for sure; restricting chemicals to produce pure MDMA has had some impact.
    Dealers are generally interested in making a fast buck and don’t usually care if a pill contains 40-50mg of MDMA or any other substance they can pass of as Ecstasy. (Hey they must be good; they keep coming back for more)

    Consumers should also shoulder a little of the blame, I think, the price for these pills has fallen remarkably in the last 20yrs, there will be other factors at play here I’ll accept that, but surely when you need to double, triple or quadruple drop these pills to get a buzz, for me alarm bells would start ringing.

    Maybe I’m old, harking back to the good old days, half a microdot and half a disco biscuit and I’d be anybody’s.

    But please don’t start slamming these drugs for containing, erm , what they were originally intended to contain.

    Here’s a thought, maybe if these types of drugs were discussed in an adult manner, users given factual information that relates to the substance taken, decriminalized, regulated and standardised, we might start to see a lot less headlines reporting about drug related scares, deaths and general bullshit.

  3. Seaquake
    I'm convinced the English Police about a month behind the Scottish police, though there's not been any confirmation, they were blaming deaths there on super strong pills. but then they put out the warnings about PMMA.
  4. the1
    Is this really news? This just in, marijuana found to contain THC, oh the humanity. I understand the risk of people who start out with two right away could run into some trouble if the pill is four times as potent but caution should always be employed when dealing with the unknown. My pet dog for one would not have complained back in the day if a "double stack" actually contained double like claimed.
  5. jon-q
    Yes i would agree, the powers that be in England generally lag behind Scotland when it comes to drug awareness and drug related thinking in general. These reports are popping up all over England and even in parts of Europe at the moment.

    I think there is some element of truth in suggesting “Ecstasy” pills have been circulating that contain higher amounts of MDMA than usual, although this has not been officially confirmed via forensic lab reports (Which seems odd) anecdotal reports suggest there are pills around that are stronger.

    I still search daily for Autopsy reports regards the two Ayrshire Ecstasy claimed deaths, and the alleged Ecstasy death of the girl in Ibiza, at present i am aware that an autopsy was performed on Jodie Nieman and blood samples have been sent to The National Institute of Toxicology - In addition to Jodie’s blood test, eight other tests were sent regards related poisoning in eight night clubs in Ibiza, four nightclubs in Playa d’en Bossa and four in other parts of the island (this info was gained via searching in Spanish and subsequently translating the Spanish text back into English) so please don’t quote me on this.

    I can find no information about autopsy results or police reports, regards what actual substance led to the deaths of Lee Dunnachie or Steven Kelly.

    Are these warnings news worthy? Well it seems clear that something is causing harm to the people that took these pills, i assume thinking they were Ecstasy, it could prove to be that MDMA is not the culprit, it could prove that other substances are to blame.

    Either way and until we know for sure these media reports, albeit sensational at times, will hopefully alert people to be cautious when consuming pills thought to be Ecstasy. If they choose to ignore this advise, that’s another matter altogether.

  6. Maca1
    Good to see that most pills contain MDMA again. Hope things return to the old days again.
  7. Seaquake
    The problem with these "Super strength" pill warning is if they are actually PMMA containing then people are going to go "I thought these were meant to be strong" and then fall into the ODing trap of PMMA.
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