education system failure, college dropouts, and drug use.

By Scloud90 · Feb 26, 2015 ·
  1. Scloud90
    People tend to continue to pursue things that increase their sense of reward and a lot of the way your brain processes decision making will tend to do things that activate the reward pathways.

    Being in college and learning a bunch of stuff that you don't care about, because of some goal you have that you want to get from college that activates your reward system may cause you to lose enthusiasm.

    A long drawn out process that provides some goal not worth the negative reinforcement of certain things required to learn that the system deems necessary in order to gain some certification or goal are often counterintuitive to human behavior.

    You can learn how to become successful based on understanding the brain and your reward pathways to influence your decision making. However my brain is already fucked to loving drugs more than wanting to do what I can to get on top in the world.

    Just for clarification or reinforcement I have gained extensive amounts of pleasure and reward from learning about neuroscience,the brain, evolution and psychology. There were many things in school I had little to no care about such as english and writing about stupid shit about myself like essays describing myself.

    There were other parts to college courses that were requirements that I absolutely despised. I still learn about certain subjects out of immediate pleasure from knowing them from how im predisposed but our education system could be detouring and allowing some people who are on the level of "genius" in a certain category to not go to college to get that degree on paper to be able to participate in research. The people who determine the system and what is required are in my opinion wrong, and the education system is completely flawed.

    I think extensive neuroscience knowledge should be required in determining how the education system is laid out.

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